Heartbeater is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.


In Fall 2009, Heartbeater released their self-titled debut EP. The four songs comprising the EP possess a nostalgic quality which combines the energy of indie greats like Pixies, Dinosaur Jr and Wipers with walls of surfy, reverb drenched guitars to create a sound the Nashville Scene calls “unique and ballsy as all get-out."


The band consists of Greg Mabry (guitar/vocals), Corey Taylor (guitar), Jon Shoemaker (bass) and Jeff Ehlinger (drums). Currently, Heartbeater is performing in and around the Nashville area on a regular basis and plans to tour in 2010.



"The four tracks on Heartbeater’s eponymous debut are a gritty style of pensive rock ’n’ roll that meshes the stout rhythmic backbone of Pixies and other gnarly early grunge and college-rock acts with a wet, Southern-tinged wall of surfy guitars. It’s unique, and it’s ballsy as all get-out."

—D. Patrick Rodgers, The Nashville Scene


"Listening to them play makes you feel like you are a modern day James Dean, and their music is your soundtrack. Heartbeater makes music that pays no attention to genre or music scene politics, and only concerns itself with music that they like, and it shows."

—Meltface Music Faction


"Permeated w/ thick bass lines, driving rhythms, layered guitar solos, & canopied in hazy reverb flowing from vintage tube amps, singer Greg Mabry pens crafty lyrics w/ memorable melodies, leaving remnants of songs stuck in your head for days."  

— The Adventures of Dill Vegas Blog

RELEASES: Heartbeater EP, October 2009