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Notes from the Sick Ward



I have been quarantined upstairs at the Vaticon for the past few days. An enemy brought us the plague. I think it is a combination of SARS and Birdflu. Fuck that swine shit, we're getting sick like its 2006. But since I probably shouldn't leave me room and run the risk of contaminating my brethren, I thought I could update from here. Since I wasn't able to make it to the (supposedly) kick ass Heartbeater show last night, I thought I could let you know what else has been going on.


Lots of records are being made right now. Evil Bebos' Second album, The Stranger, is in the final stages, and we are going to be shopping it around to a few labels and see if anyone other than us thinks it is cool. Here's hopin! Devin has just started production on The Locust Cloud's newest offering, but his efforts have been thwarted by the SARS-birdflu I was talking about. Drum tracking should be going on next week sometime. As for me, I have started production on Across Tundras newest album, Old World Wanderer, which is going to be released on Robotic fucking Empire. I was extremely flattered that they asked me to record them, since I have really only worked on the records of my own or my close friends. But this is a really good opporitunity for the meltface crew. Robotic Empire is home to some amazing bands including Young Widows, Torche, Grails, and Isis' vinyl releases. I am a happy camper right now.


Tundras rented some high end gear, and we set some stuff up in our living room and tracked to ProTools. The drum tracking took two days, then guitar and bass took another two. We finished vocals the other day, and are moving on to over dubs. Hopefully I get to record a Sitar. Michael McDonald has been watching over us, and making sure that we take care of business (and take it to the streets). I should be working on that right now, but I am waiting for some stuff to transfer on my harddrive, and I thought I was spend the downtime writing on meltface.


While I have been sick, I have been watching tons of Dexter. And I hate to say it, but the new ones just suck. The show isn't the same without Doakes or crazy bitches like Lila to make shit crazy. Dexter settling down and NOT KILLING ANYONE EVER doesn't make for exciting television, I am sorry. If that mother fucker don't start killin some folks soon, I am going to have to stop watching. I am sorry, I don't watch a show about a serial killer because I give a shit about their interpersonal relationships, I give a shit about watching a psycho kill dudes. Because that shit is awesome. Bitches crying and speaking in faux-spanish just doesn't do it for me.


But enough rambling. My files are almost done, and I should probably drink some more cough syrup. But keep a lookout for some records to be coming out of here. And I hope you got to see Heartbeater last night, because I am kicking myself that I didn't.



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