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meltfactory rants and bulletainz

Soulsavers' new release is a dark and melancholy collection of songs which features ex- Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age vocalist Mark Lanegan. They are joined by Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce for "Pharaoh's Chariot." too bad its the only track he's on and that Mike Patton had to smear his greasy ego and 90's trip hop antiquatedness all over that jam. Where's my new Spiritualized record? Can it kick ass like Let it Come Down?

not to mention we heard from buddyhead.com: "Word on the street says Goldenvoice is offering Spacemen 3 a cool $500,000 to reform for Coachella in 2010. It’s no surprise that everyone but Jason Pierce said “FUCKYEAHWOOOOO!” faster than Steve Aoki says “HI!!!” to anyone famous."

J Spaceman either you're a stone cold stubborn mother-fucker or have the integrity of a rock and roll saint. You, Steve Albini, and Erik Bradford would be the last hold ups in the death before selling out punkrock poorhouse.... oops strike stevo from that list, he may have written the book but he did record razorblade shitcase...

speaking of rock and roll sainthood... you can stream most of them crooked vultures record that comes out next week from their website. it's better then most of the shit you put up with because it's not as bad as most of the shit you put up with as opposed to the terrible shit thats popular but not as bad as the terrible shit that popular nowadays. but really, a supergroup that actually delivers! first one yet and yes i heard audioslave, velvet revolver, zwan, perfect circle, and all the rest. no i didn't make the mistake of buying their records and pretending that those bands weren't disappointing as a hot chick with a dick won't change the fact you wasted your hard earned cash on that tripe. God bless the internet, i almost saved enough money to be able to afford to see TCV live... but not quite.

so as far as meltface studios news goes, across tundras is finished tracking their new release for robotic empire and will be mixing this week. plus the second evil bebos record is off to the mastering house (mikey's studio) this week, for a sneak preview you should come to the show this friday with evil bebos and rwake of relapse records fame.

stay tuned for some sweet videos from across tundras, us christmas, evil bebos, and more?


until next time, keep it normular normies


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The new Mark Lanegan project is awesome man. Is there a record out?

November 15, 2009 | Registered Commenterkristoff

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