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Time Travel Has It's Advantages: Back to my 8th Grade CD Catalog

Last night I was visited by the strangest of people.


Upon looking at him, I was sure I knew him, but was unable to put my finger on just who he was. And then it struck me: It was me from 8th Grade. Dorky bowl-cut, inability to make eye contact, horrible fashion, and of course overall plump awkwardness.... yes this was 8th Grade Chris.

He said he had been allowed to come into the future to make sure that I didn't turn into a lame adult that listened to shitty music like country. I assured him that I had not. He said that was was going to start bringing me records that he liked, just to make sure. CD's? Really little Chris? That is so 90's. Nonetheless he left me one last night. I thought I might listen through it and tell you guys what I think about it now.



It makes sense that the first record he brought me was his favorite. It was the first rock record he ever bought, and the one that changed it all for him. From the Muddy Bands of the Wishkah is a live record released after Kurt Cobain's death. It was a collection songs from a variety of locations, and it pretty much spanned their entire career.

I put this record in and realized where my love of distorted guitar comes from. Cobain's tone rattles my 23 year old belly, so can only imagine what it did to my 12 year old body. Cobain starts out the Intro with a God-awful scream in barrels into School. Cobain's near scream vocals, crunchy guitar, along with Kirst Novaselic's fuzzy bass, and Dave Grohl's take-no-prisoner drumming slays. I listened to this record twice and realized I probably like it just as much now as I did 11 years ago. Any naivete I might have had about Nirvana being the best band in the world as a child has been superseded by an understanding of the consequences of Cobain's rage, the impact of Nirvana's sound on the music that came after it (including mine), an appreciation of Cobain's ability to write catchy and poignant songs, and an overall love of the heaviness of this record.

Verdict: 8th Grade Chris and I are off to a good start. 1 for 1.

He said he was planning on bringing a Soundgarden CD next week. I couldn't bring myself to try to explain to him about Audioslave, and then try even harder to explain why they are so horrible. Perhaps I will fight that battle next week.

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Reader Comments (3)

more 8th grade chris pics please...hahahaha

November 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commentershoe

that is soooooooo 90's. soundgarden was my 8th grade jam fo sho. i believe when i found out they broke up i cried, that was in the parking lot outside the arcade museum in St. Louis MO. superunknown is my shit, that and 82 larry.

November 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdevin

Young Chris is feeling Badmotorfinger

November 16, 2009 | Registered Commenterkristoff

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