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Wow like we couldnt pack enough jam in one day. Went and saw the Frodus reunion, Milemarker, Young Widows, Cursive and.... others? during the day. total highlight check out this brutal chair toss and Jonathan Ford (of Decahedron, Roadside Monument, and Unwed Sailor) totally rocks it out then stage dives. 

is that robert plant with frodus!? wow! baahybaybaaaaahhhbay yeah!rock and or roll!







afterwards we went and got some more free jams at the trade show and checkout the amazing display of awesome art you could never afford to purchase or commission that is Flat Stock. 

so many guitars we can never and should never be able to afford

Biodegradable Corn Cup!? How do we get the Frat industry on this tip... or just everyone in general




On to the Showzzzzzz... Went to a day party with sweet cabobs and wierd free coconut water... in addition to Peter and the Wolf and the Weird Weeds. Peter and the Wolf set was kind of wild, he was playing with drummer from Weird Weeds (who is sick btw) and some dude sometimes playing bass sometimes playing MPC... kinda funky and out there. Later ons....i saw Efterklang agains, Yelle, Octopus Project, Young Widows, Frodus, and some rando semi hilarious wierdness...

efterklang at emos jr

young widows suprise show at red 7 patiofrodus conglomeration destruction


Spin\American Spirit After Party: Isn't amazing that even with an open bar Superdrag still bores me to tears.... just play that one song already so i can stop watching.... to late.... come on! you know the one thats all like. Who sucked out the fheeeeelhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghghgghN! that was the jammy jam.

I think we participated in Trail of Dead getting the party shutdown. the sound staff was PISSED, there were monitors getting kicked off stage. cabels being tangeld around the audience and pulled out of the snake, amps getting toppled, and SOOOOOoooo much water and drinks getting thrown in every direction.... totally drenched by the end of it. TOD must be going for the title of the post-emo-whatever answer to GWAR. Looking forward to seeing Jeff, Brad, and I's pictures in SPIN bashing on dude mans guitar and tossing drinks at the crowd. 

trail of dead roadies

dance party!



After After Party: maybe hosted by Vice? all i know is they were playing 50's rock and roll ala the bird is the word kinda jams and there were still like 50 people breaking it DOWN... i guess anyones an awesome DJ when there's free DosXX's and tequila drinks of every fashion. We were swervin it....

this really made the 16 hour drive home a little on the brutal side....


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