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The Ascent of Everest Declared The Unluckiest Band on Earth!

R.I.P. Vando Calrissian. Due to his untimely death in Deleware, Ohio AOE was forced to cancel a good chunk of our US\CAN tour but we sent CBP along with our trailer and gear and will rejoin them for the NC, SC, GA, and Nashville shows. If you planned on coming to those shows you totally should go check out the CBP as they're all the way from the UK and this is thier first US tour. Just be aware we won't be there :( yeah we're bumbed too, we've seen roadblocks before but we're going to keep on keeping on. Our hearts go out to you Vando... you gave us some great times and good tours. But your rod throwing new engine needing ways have got the best of you and theres just nothing we can do to help you.

Thanks so much to Bob from Brainbow and his lovely fiancé Faith for putting us up while we figured out how the hell to get home. Check them out they rullllle.....

So come and check out those shows, buy you a sweet tour poster and if you feel compelled to donate to the new van fund by all means do so... right here... don't think just donate your boat ----->


not just a great photo shoot opp but we really broke down hereone last dance with vando!











and on a lighter note for those of you upset as we were...

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Reader Comments (1)

Hello folks,
I'm trying to contact The Ascent of Everest, because they've tried to contact my band (The Art of Skinlessness) via myspace...unfortunately we can't access our messages there at the moment.
So contact me on my email address.

Good luck with your music

All the best,

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