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Across Tundras Old World Wanderer CD and Tour Launch Now

I was lucky enough to be at the Across Tundras CD release show this past Saturday and have to say i was blown away. If you've seen Across Tundras before and thought you had your mind made up about them you need to check again cause they've transformed into a completely different beast. The new CD (recorded here at meltface studios by Rob McKinney) is the recording debut of their new bassist and electric sitar\guitar players both of which add amazing dimension to these fantastically crafted songs. The basslines would make geezer proud and the sitar not only beefs up the high leads but gives that Neurosis detuned bend on the low thuds, it all comes of great live and you need to check them out. Go buy the CD from their big cartell site and listen to the tracks on their myspace.... do it! now!


You Nashville kids make damn sure to be at the Black Cobra\USX this Wednesday and Weedeater Show at the end of April! I know it's at the Muse but where else can you sneak in the back door then smoke weed while doing heroin while drinking booze you snuck in while watching brutal metal and not get hassled by people or thrown out?

here's the facebook event for the facebook obsessed

Here's the Dates try to see them or help them secure these last gigs:

March 24 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse w/ Black Cobra, US Christmas, Battlefields, Junius, Evil Bebos
April 1 - Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Lo Pan, Supercollider, These Wolves Are Robots
April 2 - Tulsa, OK @ The Sound Pony w/ JorDan, Ptiaradactyl, The Way It Was
April 3 - Dallas, TX @ The Phoenix Project
April 4 - Austin, TX @ Red 7
April 5 - Tucson, AZ @ Skrappys w/ North, Long Live the Smoking Gun, Not to Reason Why
April 6 - Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
April 7 - Los Angeles, CA @ Vacation Vinyl (free instore performance)
April 8 - HELP
April 9 - HELP
April 10 - San Jose, CA @ Streetlight Records (free early instore performance)
April 10 - San Fransisco, CA @ Thee Parkside w/ Orchid, Kowloon Walled City, Lost Machine
April 11 - Eureka, CA @ Lil` Red Lion
April 12 - Portland, OR @ The Tube
April 13 - Seattle, WA @ Rendevous/Jewelbox Theatre
April 14 - OFF
April 15 - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
April 16 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Latitude 44
April 17 - HELP
April 18 - Wichita, KS @ Rock Island Live w/ Dead Commuter, Black Gasoline, Ends
April 19 - Springfield, MO @ The Outland w/ Short Histories of Powerful Nations
April 24 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse w/ Weedeater, Rintrah, Evil Bebos

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