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Ascent of Everest Prepares for Summer Tour!

July 22 @ The Rudyard Kipling - Louisville, KY w\ Nerves Jr & Foxery
July 23 @ Institute 193 - Lexington, KY
July 24 @ The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN w Hollow Ox & Nite Nite
July 25 Performing Nophest @ The Eyedrum – Atlanta, GA w\ loads of bands, check out the line up: http://nophest.com/
July 26 @ Bobo Gallery - Asheville, NC
July 27 @ Legitimate Business – Greensboro, NC w\ Barrow
July 28 @ The Fridge – Washington DC w\ Fall Catalogue
July 29 @ The Wind-up Space – Baltimore, MD w\ Lands & Peoples
July 30 @ The Highwire Gallery – Philidelphia, PA w\ Danger Bird
July 31 @ The Cake Forearms – Brooklyn, NY w\ Industies of The Blind and Live Footage
Aug 1 @ The Blue Nile – Harrisonburg, VA w\ Andrew Weathers, The Late Virginia Summers and Darlington Pair´╗┐


We look forward to seeing you all out there!


also don't forget about the show friday!

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