Announcing AOE US\CAN Tour with Crippled Black Phoenix

We've kept it under wraps for a mite bit now but now it's news! This April The Ascent of Everest will be hitting the road with Crippled Black Phoenix from the UK. If you haven't yet heard of CBP they're a super sweet band featuring members of Iron Monkey, Gonga, and Mogwai. check them out!

2 Apr 2009 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL
3 Apr 2009 Magic Stick Detroit MI
4 Apr 2009 Ravari Room Columbus OH
5 Apr 2009 Thirty First Street Pub Pittsburgh PA
6 Apr 2009 TBC
7 Apr 2009 Great Scott Boston MA
8 Apr 2009 Soundlab Buffalo NY
9 Apr 2009 Sneaky Dee’s Toronto ON
10 Apr 2009 Zaphods Ottawa ON
11 Apr 2009 Katacombes Montreal QC
12 Apr 2009 Mercury Lounge New York
13 Apr 2009 TBC
14 Apr 2009 Kung Foo Corner Philadelphia PA
15 Apr 2009 Talking Head Baltimore MD
16 Apr 2009 Soapbox Laundro-Lounge Wilmington NC
17 Apr 2009 Music Farm Charleston SC
18 Apr 2009 TBC

thats the dates as of now with a few more to be confirmed here in the coming weeks. so get your tickets and for the love of god tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!


people are talking about meltface

some nice words and heated commenting about evil bebos in sludge swamp, check it and rep our side.

there was a blurb about meltface records in we own this town which as far as i know is nashvilles coolest indie blog. check that out and give them some love ---> here.

also according to steve from nashville cream said baby teeth thieves has the coolest album artwork and name of 2009. shame i'm not really responsible for either of those things but none the less check that out here. some day the nashville scene will be more music centric and focus less on what things and fans at shows look like but until that day we'll take what we can get.

also some nice reviews about the baby teeth thieves record at snobs music from toronto, the chicago independant music review, and avant-chicago.



Evil Bebos Field Trip To Scion Rock Fest!

AWESOMETAL!!! The whole evil bebos crew rolled down to hotlanta this past weekend to go to the Scion Rock Fest and man was it super duper rad. I tried to actually take some pics and some videos and i captured a few facemelting moments of Neurosis, Boris, US Christmas, Wolves in the Throne Room, Salome, Converge, Skeleton Witch, and a couple others i suppose i'll see as i finish posting them up here. Enjoy! If anyone else has some pics hit me with a comment!


Baby Teeth Thieves & Noreen Videos!

well the show friday night was a huge success and total fun. to all you kids that came out and those that bought the new CD i can't thank you enough times. we really appreciate your support and buying the CD is helping us save up to release another here around the end of march. so i put up a few videos and i hope to put up some more so stay tuned....


evil bebos tunnels thru the center of the earth!

evil bebos is going into the studio to record their much anticipated 2nd LP this weekend. To commemorate this joyous event they are releasing there last LP and tour EP for free on the meltface bandcamp site! so be sure to check out the sweet jams and get stoked on the new record!!! tell your texan comrades and industry whore friends to check the bebos at south by southwest music festical on march 18-22 2009.

if that wasn't super sweet enough evil bebos will be playing with translation loss artists rosetta on march 22 2009 as soon as they're back from SXSW! holy jamtasem! check the myspace!!!!


baby teeth teeves launch into stratosphere

the baby teeth thieves record is done finished and off to the presses and should be back any moment now. lots of exciting things happening with the BTT. They have shows jan 28 in Nashville and Feb 6 in murfreesboro and the record drops officially on feb 13th. We're going to go ahead and start accepting pre orders as of now and it's also availible to download digitally! woooooo, for more info check the space.




long time coming

so i dont know if you noticed but the site actually has content now! and soon our label will have more records, studio will have more clients, and bands will have more tours! keep yourself posted by either subscribing to the RSS feed or joining our email list!

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