dispatches from hermit mountain

so as those of you who care may have noticed we haven't posted anything for a good long time. but this doesn't mean that we're not working tirelessly on new exciting things for your casual internet browsing. 2013 is going to have some very exciting news in store. just a hint you ask? how about ascent of everest is in the studio recording a double LP and dvd to be released in the spring? or maybe some AOE soundtracks? AOE tours? new meltface releases? oh yeah all that kind of stuff. i just can't do this follow me every step of the way social media not-news fest that people do nowadays... we don't have a social media marketing intern... it's just me and my friends so we'll just give you an email when there's something to listen too if you sign up for our archaic email list or want to like our bands of facebuch. for you creepers that like to look and not interact i'll try to post more...







We're very excited to announce that the ascent of everest will be opening for two amazing bands both with new albums out this month on one of our favorite record labels thrill jockey records. Come out and check it out and help us keep bringing quality bands to nashville!



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Full Route of Fall 2011 European Tour

Here is the route we took on the tour that included nearly 8,000 km!  Notice the bit of zig-zag-ing we did.  Obviously some of the drives were BRUTALZZZ, however, we got to see plenty of beautiful country-side, big cities, small cities, Fargo-esque villages, stray dogs, and of course the sexy Alps! (*See previous posts for mountain n00ds!1!!11)  Shows were played, fun was had, acquaintances were established, and The Ascent of Everest successfully toured "the shit out of" Europe! Congrats team.


Serbia, Belgrade @ KC Grad

why are we in serbia jon asks?

well i'll tell you, it's to play a very fine show at a great venue and make some of that fabulous monopoly money!

serbia has a vibe i really can't put my finger on. the city seems very self sufficient in a way. there culture is vibrant and they don't need or want anyone to help them sustain it which is so cool, there's very little american influence on anything. and it's not dirty, which is great for a change... but then again we were there for a very short while as i wish i could have taken in more with the exception of the serbian border patrol...


Bucharest Romania - Kulturehaus 

some things about romania:

there is no highway from cluj to bucharest you have to drive on pretty miserable roads through 3rd world towns that try to extort money out of you with constantly changing speeds. it's enough to drive you INSANE... it also takes forever

house colors popular in romania - fusha, aztec, flesh, sandy khaki, sherbert green, puke, even more fusha. apparently the population is colorblind or has no gay people or something...

aparently romanian women are the most beautiful in europe BUT at age 40 they all magically transform into ageless babushcas, it's like draculas curse or something

32 stray dogs to every person per capita. i can't overstate the amount of roving dogs enough

the romanians love us so much they named the water after devin.i think i ate about 16 peice of pizza, staaaaarving.

UK solo performer TEN opens up with badass set featuring ambient washes, tasteful looping and tape machines.

mental architects from bulgaria playing thier first show in romania. kinda slayed, really good with the looping thing.


Cluj-Napoca Romania

how does one get to romania? thru hungry namely by taking the AU TO BAUN

the sunrises on solar fields in hungry after a brutal all night drive.

early morning we get a brief tour of budapest

so now we know what the 50 euro cents pays for everytime we use the bathroom. water that doesn't kill you, toliets not covered in filth, no fear of highway robbery....

we're not in kansas anymore

though this could have been from any point in tour i believe it happen on this trek

and so we chilled by this bombed out church (lots of stuff in romania looks bombed out) waiting to figure out where we could crash for a bit. right as we were entering cluj we were informed that the show was no longer happening. quite disappointing as i was expecting to be greeted like kings by legions of beautiful fans after our harrowing drive.

wrong turn not a good idea as the one peice of advice we got was to NOT go into the suburbs.

finally we ended up splitting up between the promoters brother and his friends house. they put us up and fed us awesome fries and we watched the weird al movie UHF and tried not to feel to sorry for ourselves. some kind of metaphore in there... what's in the romanian box... absolutley nothing STUPID! you so STUPID!

there's a hilarious story about corey and jeff almost freezing to death on the street... jean saves the day again.


Austria, Innsbruck - Sunday Smile Festival´╗┐´╗┐

i guess after every super long drive the first thing i do is use the bathroom and take pictures of it, hopefully this is the end of that trend... but seriously how adorable are these WC signs?

Audiocaeneati was pretty amazing, cool drums, original songs and really progressive guitar tones. and you know i love my out there guitar tones.

codes in the clouds were rad i wish we could have stuck around for their whole set yet we had to start driving to romania on a grueling overnight drive and that's where our story gets really interesting... and in typical aoe fashion it'll also be really tragic.... so stay tuned.


Slovenia, Ljubljana

we stayed at quite the interesting hostel in dornbirn DE the night before and in addition to having like 5 oddly laidout levels there was this.....

on the way to ljubljana thru the swiss alps was pretty much like a mountain photoshoot... there was also a castle. work it mountains, work that epicness. woooo!

nice of Geeeeeummm to take this swell picture of us at the rest stop...

no YOU'RE loosing it (caption contest #whatevs)

thru the mountain!

more mountains!!!! majesty awe and horror. the view really never got old.

arrival at the venue, totally punk bathroom. punk is not dead in europe btw. and these some of these folk make our crusts look like frat boys.

the promoters beard dread was at least as long as this dudes hair.

the sound restriction in switzerland was 100db average over an hour... so this was funny. also why are all the sound boards in europe awesome.. allen and heath, midas, vintage yamahas the works everytime. american take note, sell your crap powered mixer and put one of these babys on layaway.





St. Gallen, Switzerland with ENVY 

on the way to switzerland from germany and the weather is looking bad, then even worse

then worse, photoshoot during the yellow snow break...

corey's slice of home at the BK in the form of an extra long chili cheese burger... gwahhhh

and the show of course was amazing. great venue, great promoter, great crowd... lots of swiss chocolates and meeting up with our awesome swiss friends. can't say enough awesome things about it. it's also on this leg of our journey that where Guillaume Oz enters the story. A audio engineer from France who is traveling all thru europe on foot going to see awesome shows on what loosely translates as a "post-rock pilgramage" though it includes such amazing bands as sunn, aun, and haushka just to name a few of the 50ish bands he was planning on seeing including us. upon a little bit of convincing of band mates we decide to take him with us to innsbruck by way of slovania. photocredits for all the good photos go to him for the next little bit till we part ways. someone other then me should follow up and put a picture of us all together here....