A Blur of Events in and out of New York City

here's a fine picture of ghastly city sleep playing our excellent show at cameo gallery. i have to say it was a pretty rad space: the projection looked really neato on the sculpture that hangs above the stage, they had a rad soundsystem with an allen and heath zed 24 board, and pretty decent sounding room. The only thing i'd really change is that all the bands (which were all sweet) could play a little longer, but hopefully all the lovely people heckling for more songs at the end of our set will come out and see us next time we play new york. All things considered, i couldn't be happier about having a show in NYC that people actually came out to and got into, so thanks lots everyone!

the view from john's deck

Learned lots about NYC parking codes too, apparently even if the fire hydrant is clearly non operational you still get a ticket BUT with that ticket you get to park in front of the hydrant all night! good to know.... what's even better to know is that if we dispute all these parking tickets we got we can get a huge discount. the fines are still super steep so if anyone wants to make some donations we won't say refuse them..

Proud to annouce that we will not be joining the illustrious ranks of the countless bands who have all there gear and trailers ripped off while parking overnight in brooklyn thanks to some creative parking and corey sleeping in the van ready to fend off would be thieves our trailer hitch in one hand and my trusty blade in the other. way to go corey!

on the curb in bushwick taking the gear we need for europe and consolidating it into seven 50 lb checked bags and 7 carry on bags (it's like level 9 of trailer tetris)


Solace for Travelers 

so we crossed thru the gigantic mountainous game reserve that is northern Pennsylvania in an epic 11 hour long haul from detroit and i'm happy to say the silver fox is holding up like a champ. Honestly some of my best tour memories are here in the allentown\easton\bethlehem area and hanging with aaron, sarah, and company feels like coming home after a long while and being shock at all the time that has passed since then. totally TCBin it up with drew and the coffee shop today and planning our final moves before we get out of the country. We're with all you at the occupy wallstreet protests but if you could do us a favor and not  shut down the airport because we really really have to make our flight to belgium. thanks!

our last (fun) night in detroit: kenny and jeff cast an evil spell on corey in some bizarre dark ritual... and the result:

transformation into super willie nelson with kitten spawning powers!



Yet Another Obstacle: the ascent of everest is not defeated

I hate to break this less then awesome news but we not going to be able to play our shows in Toronto or Montreal as we have very resolutely been refused entry to Canada after trying to cross the border twice. I was up bright and early at 7 am after sleeping in the van in a parking lot in downtown Detroit to go to the Canadian consulate. I found that though we will be able to enter Canada at a later date after many many pieces of paperwork are given due processing time we won't be able to make it happen this time. We're really sorry, all of you that planned on coming out and all our friends we were looking forward to playing with or seeing that it didn't work out. We really hope that once we're done jumping through flaming hoops for the Canadian immigration office we can come back to Canada asap. If you are interested in adding your own personal recommendation to our appeal get ahold of us via email.

As for now were on our way across the very wide state of Pennsylvania booking it to hang out with some of favoritest people before we head into newyork city. All the other shows are still on and we might try to put something together last minute for Friday... So stay tuned.


Captain D hits the big D

waking up in Columbus bright and early with the sun was a brutal surprise that made me wish that i had slept in the basement like everyone else. fortunately the dudes from the end of the ocean got us our favorite breakfast of all time: nutella and bread! wooo, we can totally live of that stuff (but seriously there was lots of other sweet stuff for breakfast too).

we arrived in detroit extra early in time to have an awesome meal at PJs Lager Room, the food there was seriously great kind of a mix of normy pub food and cajun cooking, surprisingly veg friendly for all our bands herbivores, catfish and i repped us carnivores. The Tigers narrowly beat the Yankees and the bar erupting in applause that we couldn't help but be wrapped up in and I added a couple D-TROIT whoops.

The sound at the Lager House was totally rad and everyone working there was so nice and helpful, certainly the best feeling show so far of tour. I think our set went really well thanks lots to everyone who tuned in to stream it live on

 it was so great to finally get to see sunlight ascending, who put on a phenomenal show and were rad to hang out with again.

john hustling that merch and setting up the credit card reader. remind me to make the sign with the always true micheal thurman quote "when my wallet says no my credit card says YES!"

after the show we head to 8 mile to hang out and and get thugish rugish with eminiem kenny at his house.

captain D and his crew of destruction sail thier boozy ship into hangover bay! ahoy! AOE\Gannon yacht rock split soon to follow?



Show in Detroit @ P.J.s Lager House

We're headed to detroit. Vans been running well, had a great show in Columbus OH and we are headed for Michigan. Show tonight's with Sunlight Ascending @ PJ'S Lager House. Gonna be a good show so come on out. Also pumped to be headed to Europe in less than a week.



SAT Oct 2 - Back on Track in Columbus

Fantastic show with awesome bands. huzzah! Thanks so much to harboring ghosts and the end of the ocean for playing with us and putting us up!


SEPT 29 - Show in Louisville TONIGHT!

So we are gearing up for a sweet show with heavy hitters Parlour in their hometown, @Zanzabar. We already helped ourselves to some great grub and are hearing Parlour soundcheck. Show starts at 930 and we play at 10:15. Parlour at 11:30. Come get down.




Tour is on! We are getting the van fixed ASAP and its looking good. In better news, we are almost done with merchandise. Our own Drew Binkley, of Monkey Inc Design, has been cranking it out the past 3 days straight and it's looking great. Here's a tease of the some of the sweet jams we will have for everyone on tour.

ALSO we just got word from our labels *shellsmusic & futurerecordings that the how lonley sits the city reprint and the from this vantage vinyl are OFFICIALLY OUT OF PRINT and that our band is in possession of the last available copies ever (unless there's a copy at your local record store).

As of right now we don't have any plans to do another re-print of HLSTC and Future Records isn't going to reprint FTV in interest of a newer (hush hush) limited release we'll be announcing soon. So if you want to get a copy for yourself before we sell out of them on the road go ahead and order it directly from us via: theascentofeverest(at) and we'll be sure to send you a copy and a postcard from the long winding road ahead.

-corey & devin




Wow, the AOE set tonight was literally smoking! I mean we tore that transmission up and spewed smoking hot jams all over the highway. I'm officailly deferring my birthday celebration to some other point on tour TBA.

We did have a sweet pizza party though.

Word from the show in Chatty was the Bronzed Chorus, Elk Milk and Hearts in Light were fantastic and we're totally bummed we couldn't be there. Hope to make it down to Chatty again ASAP to play soon, and on to Greensboro to see Bronzed Chorus...

Thanks to Glossary and especially Bingum for bailing us out and getting us and our trailer off the side of the road. We now owe you a million billion favors.

signing off for now, we'll get it all sorted tmrw hopefully.




SEPT 25 - 5 Spot - Ascent Tour Kick Off Show

Ascent of Everest tour kick off show with Parlour, NOI, and Queen Hen was totally sweet. Thanks so much to everyone that came out! Sorry that the show started late and those of you that have to work mondays had to leave early. We'll make sure to not get double booked with creepy drawing club meetings in the future (if anyone knows whats up with that i'm really curious).

if anyone else has any pictures from the night send them our way!

Queen Hen opened up the night with tough as nails tones and fearsome riffagry (yes i think i made up that word and definitely didn't spell it right). I had no idea that Ashley could shred so hard on the bass, maybe AOE can finally do that cover of big bottom by spinal tap now. they did a sweet sonic youth cover toooo.

NOI's new jams with the double drummers and keyboard action were waaay cool i'm really excited about the new direction their band is taking and hope to play with them again soon. 

The new Parlour line up was fantastic, complete with awesome synths and rad guitar tones they did awesome versions of a bunch of favorites from the new record. Really excited about playing with them again Thursday!

Ascent of Everest got a chance to play songs off every record we have out right now, complete with some new original video. We've been experimenting with tempo and event syncing of the video as well and i think that it went off great and i'm feeling encouraged about stepping it up even further with the next show!

that's all for now stay tuned, i'm hoping we'll be updating this blog regularly as the tour unfolds