Announcing Ascent of Everest Fall Tour!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the dates for the Ascent of Everest’s 2011 Fall Tour. The group will be traveling as a 7 piece outfit and be performing selections from all three of their records as well as new songs that will be available only on the road as a limited edition tour EP (you can check out 2 new singles later this week). In addition, AOE will be performing live original video compositions projected on stage in tandem with the show. for more information got to


with links to facebook events, if there's an event that's not linked send it our way!

Sept 25 Nashville @ The 5 Spot with Parlour, AOE, NOI, Queen Hen

Sept 27th Chattanooga @ Sluggos with Bronzed Chorus, Hearts in Light
Sept 29 Thurs - Louisville @ ZANZABAR with Parlour
Sept 30 Friday Cincinnatti @ TBA with Chiaroscuro
Oct 1 SAT - Columbus @ Cafe Bourbon Street with The End of The Ocean and Harboring Ghosts

2 SUN - Detroit - @ The Lager House with Sunlight Ascending
8 SAT New York City, Williamsburg @ Cameo Gallery - w Ghastly City Sleep, and Industries of The Blind

12 Belgium, Ghent @ Café Video
13 Germany, Stuttgart @ Zwölfzehn
14 Belgium, Arlon @ The Old Courthouse
15 Germany @ Wiesbaden @ Kulturpalast with Kokomo (GER)
16 Germany, Dresden @ Scheune Club
17 Germany, Oberhausen @ Druckluft
18 TBA
19 Austria, Dornbirn @ Schlachthaus
20 Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Channel Zero
21 Austria, Innsbruck - Sunday Smile Festival @ PMK with Codes in the Clouds (UK), Rival Consoles (UK) and Audiocaeneat (GER)
22 Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Days of No Light Festival II with Blueneck, Rosa Park, Downfall of Gaia
23 Romania, Bucharest @ Control Club
24 Serbia, Belgrade @ KC Grad
25 Austria, Linz @ Kapu
26 Germany, Offenbach am Main @ Hafen 2
28 FRI Washington DC @ Club IOTA with TONE + THE ORCHID
29 SAT Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile with OCOAI + TONE + Kid’s Garden

30 SUN Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD by checking out the facebook tour announcement here. invite your friends by following the next couple steps:

1. respond to this event as "i'm attending"
2. click "select guests to invite"
3. then paste the code you find below into your address bar (where you normally type in a website URL)

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i

4. press enter and repeat until all your friends are selected

you may have to wait a couple minutes if you have loads of friends but you can still use facebook in another tab, and it will totally be worth it having earned our undying gratitude, a unlimited supply of hi-fives, and drew buying you drinks.


Last Chance To Get Your Heart Beaten Up!

So if you haven't had a chance to behold the punkadelic badassery that is Heartbeater in flesh you better grab your date book (smartyphone) because your last opportunities are quickly approaching:

First this Saturday August 13 Heartbeater returns to the alcholic streets of Marsbar to thier last show with TV's own John Shoemaker at the Ewing St Block Party! featuring all kinds of acts, dancing, merrymaking, and regret creation, go on and invite yourself via facebook. try not to get to murfreesboroed or murfreesboro anyone over.

Then the really really gods honest last show Friday August 19th at the 5 spot in east nasty with bows and arrows as well as ACTION! sounds like a super solid bill and a totally rad time if you ask me. so you better get on your facebook and at least lie and say you're going to come least your internet friends think you're slipping and unfriend you. DON'T MESS THIS UP!


VIDEO: Ascent of Everest @ Dunk Fest

Our trip to europe is now on the books as a total success, the shows were amazing, we met some really fantastic people and played with some spectacular bands. I wish each and everyone of you could have been at this amazing show but you'll have to settle for this little video i uploaded. also of note is the couple making out near the camera for like half of the song, nice to see our music brings that out in people.



Ascent of Everest Tour is Totally Awesome

Taking a brief moment here in the ever lovely new york city to say that tour has been totally sweet, so sweet that i'm probably not going to be posting much till we get back. but don't dismay you can always get the constant updates from the smarty pants phone crew on the facebook. (swag)


MACROCK 2011 ft: Ascent of Everest, Meltface Records, Monkey Ink Design, and Grand Palace Silkscreen!

YEEEEEeeehaw off to Hburg for some good ol' fashioned Macrockness. Ascent of Everest will be playing with such fantastic bands as Tone, OCOAI, Gifts From Enola and a bunch of others. Pround to be repping our set with such great nashville acts as Brooke Waggoner, Timbre, Pujol, Turbo Fruits, Heavy Cream. Just check that line up it makes me feel like i'm hyper caffeinated at SXSW and thinking that i can see 15 minutes of every cool band there... which actually might be possible at macrock soooo lets see what happens.

ALSO meltface records will be at the macrock label expo hawking some swag along side of monkey ink design and grandpalace records! so come say whats up to us after you pick up your early afternoon Indian American\Lil Grill magic hangover cure. don't go sleeping till 8 or you're going to miss us, pace yourselves people you've got to party on saturday too.


Ascent of Everest To Play With Unwed Sailor\Tour Europe

Ascent of Everest will be playing with Unwed Sailor and a bunch of other sweet bands at The Open Lot on Feb 17 2011. Check out all the details and invite yourself and friends here on facebook.

Ascent of Everest has also been confirmed to play the DUNKK! festival in Belgium this April with such acts as caspian, arms and sleepers, ef and many many more and is currently booking other european dates to be annouced soon. stay tuned for more details.


MFMF 002 : Evil Bebos - The Stranger

so it's official, Feb 8 is the date and we're taking orders starting... right now. go on and listen to it and buy at the bandcamp site or (preferably the meltface store) you know you need it in your life doitdoitdoit. here's the press release for you pressy folk.

Evil Bebos is strange. Their second full length record is stranger. Hailing from dark psychedelic destinations most avoid, “The Stranger” is a blackened concoction brewed from blood soaked ritual and sun baked lunacy. Crushing riffage combines with nauseous synth work in a constantly unfolding journey of a strange prophet exiled into the wasteland to face the demons of insanity in total isolation.

Their first full length offering since 2008’s acclaimed psychedelic doomfest,“The Dead Language”, Evil Bebos plans to release the The Stranger in Feb 8, 2011 through Meltface Records. The packaging features beautiful yet disturbing original artwork created for the band by artist Dave Denton to draw the listener into the tale of “The Stranger” . Taking subtle cues from Albert Camus’ work by the same name and juxtaposed against an original narritive written by the band the songs weave together like a soundtrack to a film playing in the back of the mind of the audience. Musically the record is also a juxtaposition of dissimilar influences that blend into a flow of collective consciousness to create a style all thier own. Initially tracked live at Wildwood Recording in early 2009 and then completed at Meltface Studios by the band. Having the opportunity to experiment in there own studio allowed Evil Bebos the freedom to perfect the eerie atmospherics, progressive synthesis, and abrasive noises that made their live shows both infamous and irresistible.

Evil Bebos has changed dramatically since it was first unleashed into the world on June 6 of 2006. Formed under the banner of stoney brutal noise destruction the bands unintentional success inevitably led to musical maturity, structures were built and form began to show and before long what started as a couple guys punishing drunk kids at house shows was a roadworthy metal machine. After played countless local shows and doing a number of tours to far off locations like New York, Chicago, and  Austin TX for official SXSW showcases in 08 and 09 the cult of Bebos had grown to a national epidemic and the band had cemented their place as mainstays in the Nashville noise and metal scene. In 2010, members of Evil Bebos pursued a myriad of projects, including: assisting The Ascent of Everest in recording “From This Vantage” in the Spring of 2010, and in Winter, performing choice early-era Black Sabbath, with friends The Protomen,  in one night of debauchery and tribute.


meltface new years wrapup

well 2010 is now behind us as well as some radtad festivities, hope yours was super sweet allround.

couple nods to meltface bands in a number of year end best of (and thankfully no worst of lists).

heartbeater was the #4 best record of 2010 on the nashville scene top records of 2010 (way to go yalls). in addition HB was on the top jams of nashville CD from we own this town.

ascent of everest was in a couple tops lists as well: #69 rock sound magazine top 100 albums, #26 silent ballet top 100, #4 on nick from hulls top 10 as found on metal sucks and brooklyn vegan, #1 non-heavy record of 2010 on heavy blog is heavy, and #1 on SSG top 10.

thanks to all your writers for writing and all you listeners for listening. all your support and goodness made this a great year for the meltface music collective action.

in 2011 you can expect loads of sweet new releases, big events, and shows all over (maybe even your town\country) stay tuned!


Meltface Video Performs Circuit Benders Ball @ Open Lot this Saturday

Devin Lamp will be performing an original video composition with Freya West Electric Burlesque — Miss West will be performing a multi-media electronic fan dance in collaboration with composer Aaron Doenges (co-founder of the Sound Crawl). We are proud to premier this piece! The explorer exotica, Freya West was raised by gypsy bandits traveling the world in search of the perfect art. Freya found hers in the realm of ecydsiasts. A Nashville resident, Freya has performed internationally, traveling to local troupes in the South and Midwest and at the 2010 Dallas, Colorado, and Toronto Burlesque Festivals. When not performing, Freya can be found browsing old bookstores while sneaking sips of whiskey from her hip flask and drafting sordid love affairs on cocktail napkins.


(reposted from theater intangible)



Circuit Benders Ball at Open Lot Nashville

Now part of the Geek Media Expo. Passholders get in free!


With performances by

Tim Kaiser Thriftsore Boratorium CMKT4

Ben Marcantel DaveX Jeremy Walker

Robbie Hunsinger Theatre Intangible LIVE

The Blight Side of Life Freya West Electric Burlesque w/ Score by Aaron Doenges


Visual Art & Video Projections by

Derek Schartung Sabine Schlunk Kelli Shay Hix Austin Alexander Alex Wolfe Anderson Cook Matt Christy Tim Kaiser CMKT4 Patricia Earnhardt Devin Lamp Thriftsore Boratorium William Davis Devin Bell Jeremy Walker Ben Marcantel



Circuit Bending 101 w/ Thriftsore Boratorium

Make Your Own GetLoFi Contact Mic w/ CMKT4


Saturday October 23rd | Workshops 2pm-6pm | Performances 6:30pm -12:30am

All Ages | Festival Pass $10 | Workshops $15 each | Both Workshops + Festival Pass $30

Geek Media Expo Passholders Get In Free!

Open Lot | 1307 Jewell Street | Nashville, TN | 37207

Cancellations: Aether Jag, Mallochio



The workshops at the Circuit Benders Ball are for all ages and all skill levels. These classes are a perfect introduction to electronics for children, students, and everyone! The classes have limited seating and will fill up fast. To reserve your spot, send an e-mail to Specify which class(es) you want and how many spots you want to reserve. Special deal: Both workshops plus the festival pass is only $30 (save $10)!


Make Your Own Contact Mic w/ CMKT4 2pm-3:30pm $15

If you’ve ever frequented, then you’ve probably seen the famous bottle-cap contact mic. The mic’s creators will guide you in making your own, using their newly unveiled contact mic kit. Purchase additional kits for just $10 and take your creations home with you!


Circuit Bending 101 w/ Cincinatti’s Thriftsore Boratorium 4pm-6pm $10-$15

Don’t know one end of a soldering iron from another? Mark and Karl from the Cincinnati hackerspace Thriftsore Boratorium will show you how to make your electronic toys howl, squelch, sputter, and sing. The workshop is absolutely essential for beginners with enough fresh insights to make it worthwhile for the experienced bender. Learn soldering/bending tips, how to scope our your local thrift stores, what make the best bending candidates, and more. For $15, we will provide all the equipment you need, including components soldering tools. After the workshop, you get to keep your newly-bent bent toy!

Bring your own toy and electronics and pay only $10.


Artist Bios


Tim Kaiser — Tim Kaiser builds experimental musical instruments and creates atmospheric sonic landscapes. He has been featured in Make Magazine, Wired, the AP and New Art Examiner. His video, installation and performance art projects have been presented in Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Hong Kong, Cuba, Canada, Philladelphia, New York and Chicago. His instruments are sought after by artists around the world.


Thriftsore Boratorium — Out of Circuitastrophe Cincinnati 08, Karl the junkyardcatalyst and 1/2 Mang decided to start the Thriftsore Boratorium; a lab where people can come and experiment, work, troubleshoot, record, jam, circuit-bend, modify, design, make robots, etc. Thriftsore Boratorium puts their creations to task in their mind-bending live shows. They’re cooking up something special for the Circuit Benders Ball. Check out this great Robotic Barbie Sing-a-Long bend by Boratorium member 1/2 Mang.


CMKT4 — Members Creme Dementia, Zach Adams, and Jeff Cox tour the country with their circuit-bent rock n’ roll. For the Circuit Benders Ball, they’re doing a very special experimental circuit-bent set. Check out Creme Dementia’s articles on


Ben Marcantel — Co-founder of the critically-lauded Nashville ambient experimental band Forrest Bride, Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, maker, and video artist. Ben will be performing a circuit bent solo set in addition to providing visuals for Malochio. Above video features music by Cortney Tidwell and animation/direction by Ben Marcantel.


DaveX — a certified and licensed raconteur, DaveX is best-known as providing the real-life inspiration for Artax, the depressive horse featured briefly in the 1984 motion picture, “The Neverending Story.” Following his Emmy-nominated voice work on the animated spinoff series, “Artax’s Diner,” DaveX took full credit from his team at Bell Labs for the pioneering invention of various geometric forms. He is currently living off the royalities for the wildly successful “circle,” which he describes as “something like a curvy square.” Ordinary folks are encouraged to listen to a fifteen-minute looping audio biography of DaveX broadcast weekly at WDBX-FM and WSIU-FM on the programs It’s Too Damn Early and Sounds Like Radio. He also runs the experimental music blog Startling Moniker.


Jeremy Walker — His work focuses on reclaiming process, material, and content. Jeremy Walker creates unconventional instruments by altering found electrical circuits. By manipulating the intended function of the circuit, he’s able to emphasize its hidden, organic qualities. Each work is intended to conjure a certain child-like curiosity to investigate, to touch and to learn. By inviting direct interaction between the viewer and sound, Jeremy enables the participant to take the place of performer. Jeremy graduated from Watkins College of Art & Design and is currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University to pursue a BFA in Sculpture.


Robbie Hunsinger — Professional classical oboist turned avant-garde improvisor/composer/artist exploring circuit bending and interactive computer art. Projects include Trio album with Joseph Jarman and Tatsu Aoki, Grammy Winner “The Wooden Prince” with The Chicago Symphony, and several multimedia installations with architect Douglas Garofalo.

Freya West Electric Burlesque — Miss West will be performing a multi-media electronic fan dance in collaboration with video artist Devin Lamp (Ascent of Everest) and composer Aaron Doenges (co-founder of the Sound Crawl). We are proud to premier this piece! The explorer exotica, Freya West was raised by gypsy bandits traveling the world in search of the perfect art. Freya found hers in the realm of ecydsiasts. A Nashville resident, Freya has performed internationally, traveling to local troupes in the South and Midwest and at the 2010 Dallas, Colorado, and Toronto Burlesque Festivals. When not performing, Freya can be found browsing old bookstores while sneaking sips of whiskey from her hip flask and drafting sordid love affairs on cocktail napkins.


Kelli Shay Hix — Kelli is a musician, visual artist, filmmaker, and archivist by trade. She’s co-founder of the acclaimed Nashville bands Lylas and Styches. Kelli will be providing visuals for DaveX’s performance. She directed the above video for Lylas.

Austin Alexander – Nashville based artist Austin Alexander has been collaborating locally and internationally via his writing, photography, video, and music performance for seven years. Austin currently writes and edits for Styx Forlag, a Swedish art and experimental literature publisher in Stockholm, and is one half of a local video art production, Alexander Henriksen, with Alcamy Henriksen.


Alex Wolfe — Engineer, photographer, and robot-builder, Alex Wolfe will be displaying his lovingly-rendered photographs of vacuum tubes, gears, and other mechanical/electronic components.


Anderson Cook — Co-founder of the Nashville noise-punk band Ortolan, Anderson Cook also creates haunting, textural black & white images, which will be on display at the Ball.


Matt Christy — After Graduating with a Bachelors degree in fine arts from Watkins College of Art and Design in 2007, Matt Christy began exhibiting his work in and around Nashville. He has exhibited at the University of the South and Twist Gallery. He is also an artist in residence with Gallery F in Nashville. Matt will be providing visuals for Jeremy Walker’s performance as well as displaying art in the gallery show.


More artist bios coming soon!





That's right folks the new Heartbeater full length is available now thru meltface records as well as itunes, rhapsody, and amazon (though you should really buy thru bandcamp and not thru itunes and all those other greedy fat cats who snatch up all the pennies we make on every sale). Not to mention, soon to be the last record store on earth: Grimey's on 8th Ave. So go forth and BUY BUY BUY this fantastic sounding piece of wax, recorded to tape, mastered for vinyl, which comes with a free download card (so you can burn your own damn CD even though that shit is SOooooooo 90's).

"Heartbeater’s brand-new debut full-length, Slow Waves, is just the sort of release we Nashville-dwelling rock ’n’ roll fans want to hear. It’s hearteningly fresh and earnest, but saturated in all the right record-store-clerk-approved rock influences: washy but smart surf-rock noodling (“Dark Horse Rising”), grungy, riff-savvy college rock (“Blackout”), blistering, punk-tinged hard rock (“Heartbeater”), Southern grit (“M.I.A”) and dreamy, far-out psychedelia (“Vaporizer”). Dynamically, it doesn’t have a whole lot of dimensions — it’s really just booming low-end, two handy-with-a-lick indie-rock guitarists, a drummer who lays into the brass and lyrics about, you know, emotions. But next time one of those sequined-cowboy-hatted Okie tourists asks you that question we’ve all been sick of hearing for a couple decades now — you know the one, “You mean Nashville has music other than just country?” — feel free to tell them the following: “We have rock music. We have Heartbeater.” — D. Patrick Rodgers for The Nashville Scene

"Slow Waves is an album that combines garage-band-grunge with punk-apocalyptic-surf-rock. Heartbeater has created a cohesive piece of work that flows nicely from the intro to the final track." - Allison Thomas for The Nashville Wire

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