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dispatches from hermit mountain

so as those of you who care may have noticed we haven't posted anything for a good long time. but this doesn't mean that we're not working tirelessly on new exciting things for your casual internet browsing. 2013 is going to have some very exciting news in store. just a hint you ask? how about ascent of everest is in the studio recording a double LP and dvd to be released in the spring? or maybe some AOE soundtracks? AOE tours? new meltface releases? oh yeah all that kind of stuff. i just can't do this follow me every step of the way social media not-news fest that people do nowadays... we don't have a social media marketing intern... it's just me and my friends so we'll just give you an email when there's something to listen too if you sign up for our archaic email list or want to like our bands of facebuch. for you creepers that like to look and not interact i'll try to post more...






Meltface Holiday Sale! Free U.S. Shipping Till Dec 9th!

Hey there, Lovely Meltface Supporters! We've just made all the new Ascent of Everest European Fall Tour stuff availible on the meltstore! We also have some special holiday deals in the spirt of commercemas we're trying to unload some stuff to pay our bills from tour. soooo here we go!


 First 15 Orders Gets a Free Copy of Ascent of Everest\Crippled Black Conartists Limited Edition Tour Poster!

First 5 LP Orders Come with a Free Ascent of Everest Tote Bag!

All Kinds of NEW Ascent of Everest Gear Including Hoodies, 2 New Shirts, BagsBagsbags and of course all our fine recordings!

thanks again for listening and for your support!


SEPT 25 - 5 Spot - Ascent Tour Kick Off Show

Ascent of Everest tour kick off show with Parlour, NOI, and Queen Hen was totally sweet. Thanks so much to everyone that came out! Sorry that the show started late and those of you that have to work mondays had to leave early. We'll make sure to not get double booked with creepy drawing club meetings in the future (if anyone knows whats up with that i'm really curious).

if anyone else has any pictures from the night send them our way!

Queen Hen opened up the night with tough as nails tones and fearsome riffagry (yes i think i made up that word and definitely didn't spell it right). I had no idea that Ashley could shred so hard on the bass, maybe AOE can finally do that cover of big bottom by spinal tap now. they did a sweet sonic youth cover toooo.

NOI's new jams with the double drummers and keyboard action were waaay cool i'm really excited about the new direction their band is taking and hope to play with them again soon. 

The new Parlour line up was fantastic, complete with awesome synths and rad guitar tones they did awesome versions of a bunch of favorites from the new record. Really excited about playing with them again Thursday!

Ascent of Everest got a chance to play songs off every record we have out right now, complete with some new original video. We've been experimenting with tempo and event syncing of the video as well and i think that it went off great and i'm feeling encouraged about stepping it up even further with the next show!

that's all for now stay tuned, i'm hoping we'll be updating this blog regularly as the tour unfolds




Ascent of Everest Tour is Totally Awesome

Taking a brief moment here in the ever lovely new york city to say that tour has been totally sweet, so sweet that i'm probably not going to be posting much till we get back. but don't dismay you can always get the constant updates from the smarty pants phone crew on the facebook. (swag)


Ascent of Everest Prepares for Summer Tour!

July 22 @ The Rudyard Kipling - Louisville, KY w\ Nerves Jr & Foxery
July 23 @ Institute 193 - Lexington, KY
July 24 @ The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN w Hollow Ox & Nite Nite
July 25 Performing Nophest @ The Eyedrum – Atlanta, GA w\ loads of bands, check out the line up: http://nophest.com/
July 26 @ Bobo Gallery - Asheville, NC
July 27 @ Legitimate Business – Greensboro, NC w\ Barrow
July 28 @ The Fridge – Washington DC w\ Fall Catalogue
July 29 @ The Wind-up Space – Baltimore, MD w\ Lands & Peoples
July 30 @ The Highwire Gallery – Philidelphia, PA w\ Danger Bird
July 31 @ The Cake Forearms – Brooklyn, NY w\ Industies of The Blind and Live Footage
Aug 1 @ The Blue Nile – Harrisonburg, VA w\ Andrew Weathers, The Late Virginia Summers and Darlington Pair´╗┐


We look forward to seeing you all out there!


also don't forget about the show friday!


News From the AOE LP2 Front Lines

After a brutal all night printing session we have the LP jackets and inserts printed. Thanks to Grand Palace and Chuck for keeping it real and hanging out late. Drew is printing champion of the decade! 300 jackets x 2 colors + 300 inserts = 900 pulls - 36 beers - 2 packs of cigarettes - 2 ft of subway sandwiches - 12 hours =

more soon! pre orders start next week be sure to reserve yours before all 290 of em' go (yes we're keeping some for ourselves)


The Ascent of Everest Reviewed in Terrascopic Online Magazine

A nice write up by the fine folk at The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine who if you're not familiar with you should make a point to check out:

Graced with stately string motifs, stirring vocals and a psychedelic flourish, The Ascent of Everest fill their side of a split LP with two tracks that sound unique to the band, the slow beauty of the music mixing classical strings, rock rhythms, and an experimental edge to excellent effect. After the rising majesty of "the Sea Rose Up", the mesmerising beauty of "The Journey Forever Long" is dream sequence easy to get lost in, the haunted quality of the music almost hypnotic in its assured splendour, with some trippy guitar atmospherics adding to the delight. On the other side of the disc, We All Inherit The Moon entice and seduce, drones and rolling percussion creating a delicate soundscape as beautiful as the night sky. As "Our Heart Forever Like the Sun pt1" progresses, twinkling guitar notes sparkle in the ether, the rising drone taking control, the music levitating in dense layers of magic, filling the room with a soft cloud of sound the carries away time. On "Pt2", thing become even lighter, the sound of dawn breaking in the desert, notes rising and falling, the deft touches of the players ensuring every note is meant, every sound needed. Sounding similar to the first track "And Ever pt1" is an experimental piece, the rolling percussion seemingly gaining the upper hand for a while, that is until "pt2" announces its arrival, sustained guitar notes slowly overhauled by a distorted wall of noise, disturbing the sense of reverie until "pt3" restores the sense of peace, the aching and languid cello returning you to earth with gentle hands. (http://futurerecordings.bigcartel.com/)

reposted from Terrascopic: http://www.terrascope.co.uk/reviews/Rumbles_November09.htm