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Baby Teeth Thieves Nashville Deli Artist of the Month!

and apparently CJ and Noah from the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet are in the BTT according to the picture they have up on the main deli site! treys stach looks badass though, lets get a poll to bring them shits back!

yah! thanks for voting if you did. <3


Baby Teeth Thieves Reviewed in Nashville Deli + winning readers poll

who knew that there was a poll and we're winning it? go vote and if you're not going to vote for BTT vote for Bebos who's in a close second! Plus for the record we're not playing at the Rutledge on May 2nd... i don't know where that came from...

CD Review: The Baby Teeth Thieves' "To A Green Thought In A Green Shade"

The Baby Teeth ThievesTo be honest, I was a little wary of a band with a name like Baby Teeth Thieves. I envisioned some awkward nineties pop rock rehashing rather than the elegant melodies and jangly instrumentation I was treated to. To a Green Thought in a Green Shade is the Thieves' latest release, a band who comes to us from Murfreesboro, by way of Kentucky and Mississippi. Standout song and opener Wasp Wing is the kind of song that soundtracks staring out of the back window of a car, rain pattering, your hand pressed against the glass, saying good bye, or maybe just trying to leave an impression on the background quickly fading from your grasp.

Lyrics are Andrew-Bird-English-Major clever and the male/female coupling will no doubt please Belle and Sebastian fans, but they have managed to be influenced without being conquered, which is a tricky tightrope. Build Me a Boat Sailor Jerry is a case of muted epic orchestration; with squeaky strings that are the perfect touch to the booming drumbeats and tinkling voices. When singer Oscar Bishop croons like a stoic, “I enjoy being young” on Hard Candy Moon, you get the feeling he’s trying to convince himself more than anyone. To A Green Thought calls on so many perfect and imperfect moments that occur every day, every week, every year: walking down a creaky wooden hallway, laying in bed with your lover after the passion is over, or in this case, finding the nipple that feeds you. Make sure you check them out at the Rutledge May 2nd. -Becky Delius


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Baby Teeth Thieves Show Friday!

Baby Teeth Thieves are playing a house show friday. We're especially excited to host our friend matt from virginia who's on tour down to austin for SXSW. You should come listen to the fine imported goods maybe give him some scratch or booze to ease his journey. Never been to this house before but its totally close to campus, and i'm sure they're down with the crunk sooooo.... c'mn everybody get on the party train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baby Teeth Thieves Start Work on New Album

oh joyous day for baby teeth thieves fans to know that soon very soon all the songs they wished were on the debut baby teeth thieves record will be available... lets say early summer 09. we're super pleased to be working with engineer mickey allred and i couldn't be more amped about the way things are sounding... songs slated to be included are tentatively titled and may ring some bells:

piney coney county

little cricket song

you're going to die cold and alone and vultures are going to pick at your bones (yeah you are)

endless trash


may day


little archer


and there you have it! if you're as excited as i am you'll do like i do and try to convince everyone you meet to buy a copy of "to a green thought, in a green shade" so we can have the cash to put this baby on glass!


people are talking about meltface

some nice words and heated commenting about evil bebos in sludge swamp, check it and rep our side.

there was a blurb about meltface records in we own this town which as far as i know is nashvilles coolest indie blog. check that out and give them some love ---> here.

also according to steve from nashville cream said baby teeth thieves has the coolest album artwork and name of 2009. shame i'm not really responsible for either of those things but none the less check that out here. some day the nashville scene will be more music centric and focus less on what things and fans at shows look like but until that day we'll take what we can get.

also some nice reviews about the baby teeth thieves record at snobs music from toronto, the chicago independant music review, and avant-chicago.