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For those of you that missed out I've posted all the original videos for the protomens bonnaroo set combined with footage of the performance. Enjoy! They're numbered in order and this set doesn't include the Father of Death video and interview on Lightning 100 that i posted earlier. Enjoy and for the love of god people post some comments, i'm feeling like a neglected myspace princess here...



did i mention bonnaroo was super sweet?

sure its easy to hate on the bonnaroo, esp as we live so close to it. but boy did i have a kick ass time going with the protomen. we did it up right fo shoooo. did you know as an artist you camp in the finest places, drink the freest drinks, and can go side stage for all the shows that matter? well its the only way to do it, and now i can't go back to the norm way of bonnarooin... the shows were super freaking sweet and i was just in awe of how many really great performers were there busting out grueling 2-3 hour sets all day everyday. I saw a truley eclectic mix of jams public enemy to grizzly bear, animal collective to dillenger esacape plan, crystal castles to merl haggard.... nine inch nails last show ever in the US was a highlight for sure. boy can they still kick it. dillinger playing Wish with NIN was total carnage, you can download the whole show here. David Byrne was repping pretty hard singing a song with the dirty projectors and playing almost all of remain in the light during his set (totally killed it). mars volta, yeasayer, cotton jones, russian circles, andrew bird, and wow and on and on. i also saw micheal showalter and micheal ean black's little show with margret cho and a few others which was my first real real comedy show... possibly ever. so i had to yell at micheal ean black and defend our hometown of murfreesboro telling him that we do indeed know how to spell murphysboro but the free is for freedom. super pumped about there new show whenever that comes on.

jam! they kept on shooting off these gigantic smoke rings like all 80000 people exhaled one huge smoke ring into the stratosphere. jeff is also modling one of the amazing shirts we got made out of 100% post consumer waste, most of which is polyester made from recycled soda bottles. the best idea in a long time and i think we're going to start printing on them. check it out!

also look for more videos posted in the next couple days!



a fantastic interview "live" from bonnaroo with the protos as well as a new song "Father of Death" from the forthcoming album availible now on 7" from Theory 8 Records.


"Danger Zone" is a rock song from the soundtrack to the 1986 American motion picture Top Gun. It was composed by Giorgio Moroder (who is totally awesome) and Tom Whitlock, and performed by Kenny Loggins.

Moroder originally asked Bryan Adams to record this song, but he was said to have rejected it because he had disliked the jingoismexpressed in Top Gun. The rock group Toto was also supposed to perform the song, but due to legal matters, it was passed to Loggins.[1]

The second single released from the Top Gun soundtrack, "Danger Zone" was a commercial success, peaking at #2 on theBillboard Hot 100. The song continues to be popular today, continuing in heavy rotation on Classic Rock radio stations in the United States.

The song was covered by Oh, Hush! and released on the band's Don't Judge a Record by Its Covers EP. It was also featured in the films Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo BaySex Drive and 17 Again, and the episode "Eight Misbehavin" of the television series The Simpsons.

Dann Hufflead vocalist and guitarist from '80s glam metal group Giant performed guitar work on this song.

Covered by the Protomen at the annual Tennessee music festival Bonnaroo as a part of a truly epic hour long set. Featuring 14ish members, three video projectors, robot warfare, phish phighting, hilarious fun and furious rock. This is one of the highlights of that set though its hard to choose a favorite this was a unique moment in protohistory. Trey has been difficult to contact concerning the epic Proto vs. Phish battle as he is busy bathing in money while smoking blunts wrapped with hundred dollar bills. 

Notice this is one of the many times during the set someone screams "Phish Sucks" you can hear it during the introduction they give to the song.

BTW Protogeeks take note i have in my posession a piece of a guitar smashed on stage at the Mercy Lounge Road to Bonnaroo 8 off 8th show.... email me with offers... i can get it signed.... hook it up kids i need money.