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Greywoods Debut Single is the Perfect Song to Ruin your Valentine's Day.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Greywoods will be releasing the first single from their forth-coming debut LP. “Never Again” is a blistering, angry song filled with relentless aggression and some serious spite as it explores the messy ends to relationships and all of the feelings that can accompany them. The band’s first official release is a nearly seven minute long track that covers a multitude of musical feelings. From blackened grind sections to soaring spacey leads, the song culminates with a three minute relentless doom drone  augmented by a growling, screeching chorus of vocal hatred from vocalists Corey Taylor and Chris Click. You can catch them in action February 28th at Exit/In opening for Look What I Did's LP release party w/ Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter, and the Dead Deads.

Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014,  Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower). Greywoods Debut LP, recorded and mastered by Mikey Allred in late winter 2014, will be released through Meltface Music Faction in the Spring of 2015. They have also recently recorded a split 7” w/ Sheep Shifter, to be released in Summer 2015.


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Feb 28th

Exit/In: W/ Look What I Did, Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter and the Dead Deads.

Saturday, April 4th

Springwater: W/ Black Tar Prophet, Act of Impalement and Young Wolves

photo credit: diana zadlo


MFMF 002 : Evil Bebos - The Stranger

so it's official, Feb 8 is the date and we're taking orders starting... right now. go on and listen to it and buy at the bandcamp site or (preferably the meltface store) you know you need it in your life doitdoitdoit. here's the press release for you pressy folk.

Evil Bebos is strange. Their second full length record is stranger. Hailing from dark psychedelic destinations most avoid, “The Stranger” is a blackened concoction brewed from blood soaked ritual and sun baked lunacy. Crushing riffage combines with nauseous synth work in a constantly unfolding journey of a strange prophet exiled into the wasteland to face the demons of insanity in total isolation.

Their first full length offering since 2008’s acclaimed psychedelic doomfest,“The Dead Language”, Evil Bebos plans to release the The Stranger in Feb 8, 2011 through Meltface Records. The packaging features beautiful yet disturbing original artwork created for the band by artist Dave Denton to draw the listener into the tale of “The Stranger” . Taking subtle cues from Albert Camus’ work by the same name and juxtaposed against an original narritive written by the band the songs weave together like a soundtrack to a film playing in the back of the mind of the audience. Musically the record is also a juxtaposition of dissimilar influences that blend into a flow of collective consciousness to create a style all thier own. Initially tracked live at Wildwood Recording in early 2009 and then completed at Meltface Studios by the band. Having the opportunity to experiment in there own studio allowed Evil Bebos the freedom to perfect the eerie atmospherics, progressive synthesis, and abrasive noises that made their live shows both infamous and irresistible.

Evil Bebos has changed dramatically since it was first unleashed into the world on June 6 of 2006. Formed under the banner of stoney brutal noise destruction the bands unintentional success inevitably led to musical maturity, structures were built and form began to show and before long what started as a couple guys punishing drunk kids at house shows was a roadworthy metal machine. After played countless local shows and doing a number of tours to far off locations like New York, Chicago, and  Austin TX for official SXSW showcases in 08 and 09 the cult of Bebos had grown to a national epidemic and the band had cemented their place as mainstays in the Nashville noise and metal scene. In 2010, members of Evil Bebos pursued a myriad of projects, including: assisting The Ascent of Everest in recording “From This Vantage” in the Spring of 2010, and in Winter, performing choice early-era Black Sabbath, with friends The Protomen,  in one night of debauchery and tribute.



the flier says it all, it's been a long time coming and it's finally happened evil bebos and the protomen share the stage along with meltface video destruction doing video projection, a stupenderific apocalyptic cataclysmic happening not to be missed. it's going to be a later show too i'm guessing 1030-11ish so you'll have plenty of time to get your makeup right, get in costume, and get hammered before the show.

pledge your allegiance to this event of facebook!

also bebos just jumped on the heartbeater show at the end this friday in place of the goldroom (cause they asked us not because we're a bunch of show jumpers) so extra bonus cause yall were going anyways... right?

maybe you should double check and make sure you invited all your friends to this show




Evil Bebos on Combat Music Radio

 For those of you not familar with Combat Music Radio it's more or less a collection of podcast radioshows started by CT of Rwake. There are show featuring among others Scott Kelly, Joe Preston, and CT himself.

Evil Bebo's Kronus off the Dead Language is the first track of the newest installment of CT's ghost stories. Check it out, write a comment, and rep your set.

heres the track list:

Evil Bebos (southern dream doom)
Substance x3 (arkansas early 90’s punk)
BattleMaster x3 (virginias masters of mead)
Terminator theme song
Shitfire x2 (think sludge fugazi from arkansas)
Locusta x2 (evil doers with metal on their minds)
Curved Air x3 (70’s folk/prog/hard rock with one of the finest lead singers ever)
Face First x4 (new orleans hardcore punk fathers)
Sophia (a soundscape to nightmares)
Great White doing Zep x3 (they should be a led zeppelin cover band)




Evil Bebos to play with Weedeater on January 25th

I am pretty sure this picture speaks for itself. Weedeater are a three piece Doom band with a healthy reputation for heavy ass music and crazy live escapades.  One of my friends from Nashville (whose name rhymes with "sheary" and whose band rhymes with "slammerporch") described them as Flinstones metal. I can't say I disagree.

Weedeater will be playing with Meltface's black sheep Evil Bebos and Murfreesboro's own Rintrah at the Muse on January 25th. Discounted tickets should be available through the bands closer to the show. Watch for updates.

Also, check out what the kind folks are saying about Meltface and Heartbeater over at the Nashville Cream.


You can buy presale tickets from the Muse website now for $8 versus $10 on the day of. Will let you know if I get a better break somewhere.



Tonight! Miracle Ear presents Jucifer w/ Evil Bebos, Gnarwall, and LWID

It looks like the folks over at Miracle Ear are trying to expand their market to younger consumers.  Taking notice of the massive amount of business they are receiving from ridiculously loud stoner metal, they have begun a new campaign of sponsoring shows around the country. Their first offering to the soon to be deaf public will be Jucifer tonight at the End. "Who else should we start with but a band that is synonymous with hearing loss," said spokesman Ted Meddle.

Miracle Ear will be on hand giving out pamphlets to crowd members, and demonstrating that everyone in attendance already has significant hearing loss after the show. They have also been kind enough to supply 4 extra Sunn cabinets to all the bands. Ear plugs are allowed, but discouraged.


Come see Jucifer with Meltface's Evil Bebos at the End tonight. Show starts at 10 pm and costs $7.


Swamp Thing to do book signing at the Muse tonight


It turns out Logan from the Muse is great friends with Swamp Thing, and he is planning on making an appearance at the swampy-ass (not to be confused with swamp ass) Rwake show tonight.  It turns out that Swamp Thing is a big fan of Rwake, saying their music is "homey" for him, and he is hoping "they play that badass song with the Pumpkinhead sample in it".  Swamp Thing will be available to sign his new bestseller "Swamp Meet" after the show.

Rwake will be joined this evening with Meltface's own Evil Bebos, as well as Murfreesboro favorites Rintrah, and Nashville shredders The Unbeheld. Show starts... when shows usually do.


Bring mosquito repellent and galoshes.



The Unbeheld are from Memphis. And they are badass.



VIDEO: Across Tundras w\ Evil Bebos & US Xmas @ Springwater


meltfactory rants and bulletainz

Soulsavers' new release is a dark and melancholy collection of songs which features ex- Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age vocalist Mark Lanegan. They are joined by Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce for "Pharaoh's Chariot." too bad its the only track he's on and that Mike Patton had to smear his greasy ego and 90's trip hop antiquatedness all over that jam. Where's my new Spiritualized record? Can it kick ass like Let it Come Down?

not to mention we heard from buddyhead.com: "Word on the street says Goldenvoice is offering Spacemen 3 a cool $500,000 to reform for Coachella in 2010. It’s no surprise that everyone but Jason Pierce said “FUCKYEAHWOOOOO!” faster than Steve Aoki says “HI!!!” to anyone famous."

J Spaceman either you're a stone cold stubborn mother-fucker or have the integrity of a rock and roll saint. You, Steve Albini, and Erik Bradford would be the last hold ups in the death before selling out punkrock poorhouse.... oops strike stevo from that list, he may have written the book but he did record razorblade shitcase...

speaking of rock and roll sainthood... you can stream most of them crooked vultures record that comes out next week from their website. it's better then most of the shit you put up with because it's not as bad as most of the shit you put up with as opposed to the terrible shit thats popular but not as bad as the terrible shit that popular nowadays. but really, a supergroup that actually delivers! first one yet and yes i heard audioslave, velvet revolver, zwan, perfect circle, and all the rest. no i didn't make the mistake of buying their records and pretending that those bands weren't disappointing as a hot chick with a dick won't change the fact you wasted your hard earned cash on that tripe. God bless the internet, i almost saved enough money to be able to afford to see TCV live... but not quite.

so as far as meltface studios news goes, across tundras is finished tracking their new release for robotic empire and will be mixing this week. plus the second evil bebos record is off to the mastering house (mikey's studio) this week, for a sneak preview you should come to the show this friday with evil bebos and rwake of relapse records fame.

stay tuned for some sweet videos from across tundras, us christmas, evil bebos, and more?


until next time, keep it normular normies




remember this marathon of a show at little hamilton collective? 6 brutal ear bleeding bands on one bill, totally sweet.