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VIDEOS: Glossary Feral Fire Release Show @ the Basement


Glossary + HP Witchcraft + Vulture Whale ring-in the new chapter in Glossary recording history!

The crowd at Nashville's live spot The Basement (below Grimey's) was packed to the walls - here's the view from center stage! 

House sound by Burhan Qazi

For Meltface:
Editing and graphics by Devin Lamp
Audio and video by S. Trageser

handheld camera; room mics plus vocal and drum submixes


VIDEO: ASCENT OF EVEREST @ 527 w\ The Whigs & Glossary

I've uploaded the entire show with the feed from the projector super imposed on top of the live video. The sound is just a stereo pair at the back of the room which really shows off what a great job the now ex-sound guy from 527 did. what a loss, they got to get that guy back. Now that i've figured out how to upload these videos more efficiently expect more here in the coming weeks. Also if anyone has videos they want me to post i'm happy to do so (if they're radtastic)


Dope Shows to Ensue

whats up normies, get your goggles on because the meltface crew is about to dump a heaping spoonful of awesome onto the state of tennessee. so tell your friends, bring your mom, and go to everyone of these shows. It does involve going to memphis but you don't anything better to do with your money so...

first off, TONIGHT. get on the bus! we're leaving in a few hours and if you call me RIGHT NOW, you can ride in the van with us smokin that bin laden with Juicy J and DJ paul while eating BBQ and drinkin foeteezz. especially if you're a lady that can twerk it.

NEXT OFF IS THE REALLY REALLY BIG SHOW. THE FREAKING WHIGS, GLOSSARY, & THE ASCENT OF EVEREST @ CLUB 527 on JULY 24th. SERIOUSLY, its times for you nashvillians to learn how the murfreesboroians do and just get of your high horse and drive to where the dope show is at. if I can't convince you maybe this gorgeous piece of hand screen printed fine art by drew binkley of monkey ink design printed at grand palace will convince you...

 PLUS ADDED BONUS TWO SHOWS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. SHOW AFTER PARTY! at HOUSE PRIDE on memorial dr. Ft COLOSSUS on tour from Raleigh NC, LASER FLAMES, and EVIL BEBOS! METAL + CRUNK + SWEAT BOX = SEXYMETALCRUNKENAWESOMEFEST. when we played with colossus last it was a beer chugging\throwing contest at SXSW and i don't expect any less of them this time around. YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS BAND there records, myspace, everything doesn't do there show any justice. but fine check out there myspace and talk yourself out of the best night of your life.... www.myspace.com/thecolossuswillcrushyou  

BUT DON't worry if you are to much of a pansy to stay up late with the cool kids you can still catch Evil Bebos destroying someones home in Nashville at The Bohannon House with two fantastically weird bands from Chicago THE ATLAS MOTH (who have a freaking sweet new record that's about to drop any moment now) and WHY INTERCEPT? I can't say enough about these bands or how much fun this show is going to be. This is just one more opportunity for nashvillians to proove they can cram into a house and see a show that should honestly be in a much bigger venue like the marsbar kids do.


THEN FINALLY, THURSDAY AUGUST 6. on tour from new york city, experimental doom riders BLOODY PANDA drop nukes on the END in nashville. with THE ASCENT OF EVEREST, LASER FLAMES, and ACROSS TUNDRAS. Take psychedelic drugs and go to this show, trust me, this is the one. the jammy jam. seriously check it out it's going to blow your minds.

thats all for this broadcast.