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Last Chance To Get Your Heart Beaten Up!

So if you haven't had a chance to behold the punkadelic badassery that is Heartbeater in flesh you better grab your date book (smartyphone) because your last opportunities are quickly approaching:

First this Saturday August 13 Heartbeater returns to the alcholic streets of Marsbar to thier last show with TV's own John Shoemaker at the Ewing St Block Party! featuring all kinds of acts, dancing, merrymaking, and regret creation, go on and invite yourself via facebook. try not to get to murfreesboroed or murfreesboro anyone over.

Then the really really gods honest last show Friday August 19th at the 5 spot in east nasty with bows and arrows as well as ACTION! sounds like a super solid bill and a totally rad time if you ask me. so you better get on your facebook and at least lie and say you're going to come least your internet friends think you're slipping and unfriend you. DON'T MESS THIS UP!


meltface new years wrapup

well 2010 is now behind us as well as some radtad festivities, hope yours was super sweet allround.

couple nods to meltface bands in a number of year end best of (and thankfully no worst of lists).

heartbeater was the #4 best record of 2010 on the nashville scene top records of 2010 (way to go yalls). in addition HB was on the top jams of nashville CD from we own this town.

ascent of everest was in a couple tops lists as well: #69 rock sound magazine top 100 albums, #26 silent ballet top 100, #4 on nick from hulls top 10 as found on metal sucks and brooklyn vegan, #1 non-heavy record of 2010 on heavy blog is heavy, and #1 on SSG top 10.

thanks to all your writers for writing and all you listeners for listening. all your support and goodness made this a great year for the meltface music collective action.

in 2011 you can expect loads of sweet new releases, big events, and shows all over (maybe even your town\country) stay tuned!



That's right folks the new Heartbeater full length is available now thru meltface records as well as itunes, rhapsody, and amazon (though you should really buy thru bandcamp and not thru itunes and all those other greedy fat cats who snatch up all the pennies we make on every sale). Not to mention, soon to be the last record store on earth: Grimey's on 8th Ave. So go forth and BUY BUY BUY this fantastic sounding piece of wax, recorded to tape, mastered for vinyl, which comes with a free download card (so you can burn your own damn CD even though that shit is SOooooooo 90's).

"Heartbeater’s brand-new debut full-length, Slow Waves, is just the sort of release we Nashville-dwelling rock ’n’ roll fans want to hear. It’s hearteningly fresh and earnest, but saturated in all the right record-store-clerk-approved rock influences: washy but smart surf-rock noodling (“Dark Horse Rising”), grungy, riff-savvy college rock (“Blackout”), blistering, punk-tinged hard rock (“Heartbeater”), Southern grit (“M.I.A”) and dreamy, far-out psychedelia (“Vaporizer”). Dynamically, it doesn’t have a whole lot of dimensions — it’s really just booming low-end, two handy-with-a-lick indie-rock guitarists, a drummer who lays into the brass and lyrics about, you know, emotions. But next time one of those sequined-cowboy-hatted Okie tourists asks you that question we’ve all been sick of hearing for a couple decades now — you know the one, “You mean Nashville has music other than just country?” — feel free to tell them the following: “We have rock music. We have Heartbeater.” — D. Patrick Rodgers for The Nashville Scene

"Slow Waves is an album that combines garage-band-grunge with punk-apocalyptic-surf-rock. Heartbeater has created a cohesive piece of work that flows nicely from the intro to the final track." - Allison Thomas for The Nashville Wire



the flier says it all, it's been a long time coming and it's finally happened evil bebos and the protomen share the stage along with meltface video destruction doing video projection, a stupenderific apocalyptic cataclysmic happening not to be missed. it's going to be a later show too i'm guessing 1030-11ish so you'll have plenty of time to get your makeup right, get in costume, and get hammered before the show.

pledge your allegiance to this event of facebook!

also bebos just jumped on the heartbeater show at the end this friday in place of the goldroom (cause they asked us not because we're a bunch of show jumpers) so extra bonus cause yall were going anyways... right?

maybe you should double check and make sure you invited all your friends to this show




Heartbeater LP Kickstarter Still Needs Your Help!

For those of you that don't know: heartbeater is recording a record and they need your help to put it out. There's only a little while more to go and every little bit helps... and you get a copy of the record! What more do you want! Stop putting it off and donate now!

(reposted from WOTT: they really said it better then i would)

Heartbeater has made a pretty decent impact in their short time around the Nashville area but are on the cusp of the real deal litmus test; releasing an enjoyable full-length album. The problem is, they need some money in order to make it happen (not an uncommon problem). So, they are turning to you – established fans, potential future fans, amateur philanthropists and just generally good natured folks to help them raise the money to record and release their first full-length record, Slow Waves. Their running the whole effort through a Kickstarter campaign and have even included a little video to introduce you to their cause.

Keep in mind that donating doesn’t just give you some warm feeling about helping out a local band – you’ll also receive a copy of the record along with some other great bonus items depending on the level you contribute. Go read more and think about opening up your wallet for a worthwhile local act.



VIDEO: New Heartbeater Videos


yeeeeah, more heartbeater videos then you could want or need! with more to come, woot!

and make sure to check out there new for real for real website... designed by mr. micheal eades of we own this town fame. spiff city if you ask me. which people seldom do, for fear that i might answer.



Rock the Block is back in 2010 with an all new format! Meltface has put together a solid show with The Whole Fantastic World, Velcro Stars, Hammertorch, HP Witchcraft, Kat Brock, Bird Cloud, The Avery Set, Homework, and Heartbeater. Seriously this lineup is totally sweet, if you're not from the frisbee(murfreesboro) or you've just had your head under a rock you've heard of most of these bands. Some of you might not know that HP Witchcraft is the (semi) new band from James Toth (aka Wooden Wand) ft Bingem Barns of Glossary fame, Brian Lowery (Locust Cloud), James Robbins, and Tyler Coppage (States, Shoot the Mountain... every band ever (back when they were good)). Meltface Video Productions will doing live projection and be filming sweet music videos while the who's who of Marsbar(murfreesboro) and Gashville do it up hard. 



Heartbeater EP Release Show Slays; Body Count Unconfirmed



Heartbeater joined Powerbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd, and Bad Cop last night at the 5 Spot in performances celebrating Heartbearter's recent release of their new self titled EP, Heartbeater.

Powerbrrrd opened the show with a substantially more sober set than I expected. They blasted through songs that reminded me why I thought punk rock was cool, and bassist/guitarist/drummer Brandon Jazz's microphone stand beer holder, complete with straw, reminded me why I thought being drunk was cool.

Bad Cop followed with an energetic set that only came up for air in between songs, and then dove back in to groovy bass and drums, with fast guitar leads (and AMAZING guitar tone), complete with all the lead vocalist thrashing about that everyone has come to demand by the time they hit their third drink.

Last was Heartbeater, who slayed the house in record fashion. Their songs manage to be both completely fresh, yet hauntingly nostalgic. 

I just got done reading a music blogger saying that music reviewing is dead because no one ever tried to tell WHY bands are good.  Heartbeater is good because it is music that makes you feel cool. Listening to them play makes you feel like you are a modern day James Dean, and their music is your soundtrack. They make music that pays no attention to genre or music scene politics, and only concerns itself with music that they like, and it shows. Last night is by far the most comfortable, tightest, and all around best I have seen them ( I suppose there aren't too many shows that I have missed). Heartbeater is a band who is hitting their stride and falling into a sound that is their own. I highly recommend that you come and see what they are doing whenever you can. You won't be disappointed.

You can download a digital copy of Heartbeater's EP at your own price or purchase a CD for $5 here.

Heartbeater plays next with the Goldroom at the 5 Spot on December 4th. Hope to see you there.



VIDEO: Heartbeater @ The Basement New Faces Night


Heartbeater CD Release October 30th; Hospitals Alerted


Health care professionals rejoiced today when they found out that Heartbeater was planning on playing a CD release show at the end of October.  This news comes right on the heals of Heartbeater's now infamous last show at new faces night at the Basement.  Rumors have circulated that there was an afterparty that left most involved blacked out drunk and sleeping with strangers.  Dr. Sherman "Tron" McDonald spoke at a press conference early this morning.

"We are all very excited to hear about this show. We have our stomach pumps and herpes medicine ready.  We will also be on site to give ambulance rides to people who 'get too fucked up'. We are also proud to announce that Verizon has joined the event and will have free phone service to people who 'Swear to God they are dying and need to call their mom so she can come pick them up'.

This is easily the best news we have had since the H1N1 outbreak. The expected revenues from the medical treatment at this show should make my trip with my wife to the Hamptons a sure thing."

McDonald continued on to talk about how his wife's new tit job was almost worth the soul sucking it cost.

When asked for comment, a member of Heartbeater who asked to remain nameless said, "We are just gonna try to sling out some billy shit and throwdown. I have this new riff that is like the Citizen Kane shit. We are gonna bring it back home, dude."

Here's hoping, dude.




Disclaimer: All of this is untrue. Except for the show. And the billy riff part. And the part about Verizon. Ok, that isn't true. Just be there. It is going to be badass.