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New Meltface Releases! Hellbender 7" & noirtest Digital Release!

We're very happy to announce that there are two new meltface releases availible from the meltface bandcamp store!


Hellbender - Occult 45 7"

Former members of Fissure and City of Traitors return with a punishingly heavy debut. Swampy riffery, stoney sludgery, and spacey vocals make this release a must have for stoner rock and metal fans alike. Hand screen printed jackets and beautiful marbled vinyl only 300 and going quick, grab one of these jammys while we still have them!

stream entire record and buy 7" from the meltface bandcamp site






<a href="http://meltfacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hellbender-occult-45">down the mountains by meltface records</a>



noir test - 21st Century: Themes, Variations, and Two Songs for My Father

the third installment of dillon smith's hush hush soloish noirtest project. best known as the violinist of the ascent of everest, bassist of happy birthday amy, and guitar slinger of the protomen, smith lets his 21st century avant-garde freak flag fly in this sometimes tense, often surprising, and truly gorgeous offering. sure to bring a smile to the faces of those devoted to creating the music of the future.

stream entire record and buy from the meltface bandcamp site



<a href="http://meltfacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/noirtest-21st-century-themes-variations-and-two-songs-for-my-father">Spectacular Introduction by meltface records</a>