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Greywoods Debut Single is the Perfect Song to Ruin your Valentine's Day.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Greywoods will be releasing the first single from their forth-coming debut LP. “Never Again” is a blistering, angry song filled with relentless aggression and some serious spite as it explores the messy ends to relationships and all of the feelings that can accompany them. The band’s first official release is a nearly seven minute long track that covers a multitude of musical feelings. From blackened grind sections to soaring spacey leads, the song culminates with a three minute relentless doom drone  augmented by a growling, screeching chorus of vocal hatred from vocalists Corey Taylor and Chris Click. You can catch them in action February 28th at Exit/In opening for Look What I Did's LP release party w/ Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter, and the Dead Deads.

Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014,  Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower). Greywoods Debut LP, recorded and mastered by Mikey Allred in late winter 2014, will be released through Meltface Music Faction in the Spring of 2015. They have also recently recorded a split 7” w/ Sheep Shifter, to be released in Summer 2015.


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Feb 28th

Exit/In: W/ Look What I Did, Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter and the Dead Deads.

Saturday, April 4th

Springwater: W/ Black Tar Prophet, Act of Impalement and Young Wolves

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Tonight! Miracle Ear presents Jucifer w/ Evil Bebos, Gnarwall, and LWID

It looks like the folks over at Miracle Ear are trying to expand their market to younger consumers.  Taking notice of the massive amount of business they are receiving from ridiculously loud stoner metal, they have begun a new campaign of sponsoring shows around the country. Their first offering to the soon to be deaf public will be Jucifer tonight at the End. "Who else should we start with but a band that is synonymous with hearing loss," said spokesman Ted Meddle.

Miracle Ear will be on hand giving out pamphlets to crowd members, and demonstrating that everyone in attendance already has significant hearing loss after the show. They have also been kind enough to supply 4 extra Sunn cabinets to all the bands. Ear plugs are allowed, but discouraged.


Come see Jucifer with Meltface's Evil Bebos at the End tonight. Show starts at 10 pm and costs $7.



So we've done about everything in our power to make this show with the feature a huge event and maybe (fingers crossed) sell out Club 527. we got the our street team of lawless goons out about town putting up flier, we got the door price way cheap in comparison to other 527 shows, and we ever tried promoting with this newfangled internet thing. so... you might want to show up on time or you just might be listening from outside the club and that would be totally weak to be stranded in front of a club that you can't go into when all the drugs kick in and you're just sitting there babbling at the door guy ...wouldn't it?

this event is on facebook too if you're into that kinda thing


alllso... evil bebos, look what i did, and dj kidsmeal on September 3rd. This is the bebos first time playing exit\in (because playing there during next big nashville totally doesn't count) so come out and show some love and gawk at the hardcore kids kicking the shit out of each other.


yes i do believe thats a chick making out with a snake. spread the word on facebook here.