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Greywoods Debut CD - Infinite Nothing - Out NOW!

"I’ve waited so long for this. For the past year and change, the only Greywoods I’ve had to listen to was a live YouTube video and one stellar but solitary single of gnarled, blackened nu-gaze. Infinite Nothing changes all that. The Greywoods debut is now out via Meltface Records — the weirdos who brought you Hellbender, Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos — and fuckin’ A is it righteous. Unremitting intensity, CinemaScope-size beauty and a very Southern sense of tension and release make for an album that is ambitious, artful and intimidating as fuck. Infinite Nothing is 35 minutes of blistering atmospherics setting fire to full kegs of pyrotechnic percussion — and a overdue addition to Nashville’s metal pantheon."

- SEAN L. MALONEY (Nashville Scene)

couldn't have said it better ourselves, so what are you waiting for...


NOW GO BUY THIS RECORD ------> over here!!!

the cd is an amazing trifold digipac with artwork by Devin Lamp containing all the runes and sigils necessary for eternal glory and the destruction of all your enemies. has an insert containing all the lyrics for your to learn and sing as well as credits for all the guilty parties for you to prosecute or hire!

The best decision you've ever made in life is buying this record

Who is greywoods? duh, i can remember their bio by heart it goes like this:

Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014,  Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower). Greywoods Debut LP, recorded and mastered by Mikey Allred in late winter 2014, will be released through Meltface Music Faction June, 1 2015. They have also recently recorded a split 7” w/ Sheep Shifter, to be released in Summer 2015.


july 14 @ cafe coco w/ gatecreeper, mother adam, metal collapse

august 14-15 @ Tennessean Sludge Fest MMXV

check them out on facebook


Greywoods Debut Single is the Perfect Song to Ruin your Valentine's Day.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Greywoods will be releasing the first single from their forth-coming debut LP. “Never Again” is a blistering, angry song filled with relentless aggression and some serious spite as it explores the messy ends to relationships and all of the feelings that can accompany them. The band’s first official release is a nearly seven minute long track that covers a multitude of musical feelings. From blackened grind sections to soaring spacey leads, the song culminates with a three minute relentless doom drone  augmented by a growling, screeching chorus of vocal hatred from vocalists Corey Taylor and Chris Click. You can catch them in action February 28th at Exit/In opening for Look What I Did's LP release party w/ Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter, and the Dead Deads.

Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014,  Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower). Greywoods Debut LP, recorded and mastered by Mikey Allred in late winter 2014, will be released through Meltface Music Faction in the Spring of 2015. They have also recently recorded a split 7” w/ Sheep Shifter, to be released in Summer 2015.


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Feb 28th

Exit/In: W/ Look What I Did, Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter and the Dead Deads.

Saturday, April 4th

Springwater: W/ Black Tar Prophet, Act of Impalement and Young Wolves

photo credit: diana zadlo


MFMF 002 : Evil Bebos - The Stranger

so it's official, Feb 8 is the date and we're taking orders starting... right now. go on and listen to it and buy at the bandcamp site or (preferably the meltface store) you know you need it in your life doitdoitdoit. here's the press release for you pressy folk.

Evil Bebos is strange. Their second full length record is stranger. Hailing from dark psychedelic destinations most avoid, “The Stranger” is a blackened concoction brewed from blood soaked ritual and sun baked lunacy. Crushing riffage combines with nauseous synth work in a constantly unfolding journey of a strange prophet exiled into the wasteland to face the demons of insanity in total isolation.

Their first full length offering since 2008’s acclaimed psychedelic doomfest,“The Dead Language”, Evil Bebos plans to release the The Stranger in Feb 8, 2011 through Meltface Records. The packaging features beautiful yet disturbing original artwork created for the band by artist Dave Denton to draw the listener into the tale of “The Stranger” . Taking subtle cues from Albert Camus’ work by the same name and juxtaposed against an original narritive written by the band the songs weave together like a soundtrack to a film playing in the back of the mind of the audience. Musically the record is also a juxtaposition of dissimilar influences that blend into a flow of collective consciousness to create a style all thier own. Initially tracked live at Wildwood Recording in early 2009 and then completed at Meltface Studios by the band. Having the opportunity to experiment in there own studio allowed Evil Bebos the freedom to perfect the eerie atmospherics, progressive synthesis, and abrasive noises that made their live shows both infamous and irresistible.

Evil Bebos has changed dramatically since it was first unleashed into the world on June 6 of 2006. Formed under the banner of stoney brutal noise destruction the bands unintentional success inevitably led to musical maturity, structures were built and form began to show and before long what started as a couple guys punishing drunk kids at house shows was a roadworthy metal machine. After played countless local shows and doing a number of tours to far off locations like New York, Chicago, and  Austin TX for official SXSW showcases in 08 and 09 the cult of Bebos had grown to a national epidemic and the band had cemented their place as mainstays in the Nashville noise and metal scene. In 2010, members of Evil Bebos pursued a myriad of projects, including: assisting The Ascent of Everest in recording “From This Vantage” in the Spring of 2010, and in Winter, performing choice early-era Black Sabbath, with friends The Protomen,  in one night of debauchery and tribute.



That's right folks the new Heartbeater full length is available now thru meltface records as well as itunes, rhapsody, and amazon (though you should really buy thru bandcamp and not thru itunes and all those other greedy fat cats who snatch up all the pennies we make on every sale). Not to mention, soon to be the last record store on earth: Grimey's on 8th Ave. So go forth and BUY BUY BUY this fantastic sounding piece of wax, recorded to tape, mastered for vinyl, which comes with a free download card (so you can burn your own damn CD even though that shit is SOooooooo 90's).

"Heartbeater’s brand-new debut full-length, Slow Waves, is just the sort of release we Nashville-dwelling rock ’n’ roll fans want to hear. It’s hearteningly fresh and earnest, but saturated in all the right record-store-clerk-approved rock influences: washy but smart surf-rock noodling (“Dark Horse Rising”), grungy, riff-savvy college rock (“Blackout”), blistering, punk-tinged hard rock (“Heartbeater”), Southern grit (“M.I.A”) and dreamy, far-out psychedelia (“Vaporizer”). Dynamically, it doesn’t have a whole lot of dimensions — it’s really just booming low-end, two handy-with-a-lick indie-rock guitarists, a drummer who lays into the brass and lyrics about, you know, emotions. But next time one of those sequined-cowboy-hatted Okie tourists asks you that question we’ve all been sick of hearing for a couple decades now — you know the one, “You mean Nashville has music other than just country?” — feel free to tell them the following: “We have rock music. We have Heartbeater.” — D. Patrick Rodgers for The Nashville Scene

"Slow Waves is an album that combines garage-band-grunge with punk-apocalyptic-surf-rock. Heartbeater has created a cohesive piece of work that flows nicely from the intro to the final track." - Allison Thomas for The Nashville Wire


New Meltface Releases! Hellbender 7" & noirtest Digital Release!

We're very happy to announce that there are two new meltface releases availible from the meltface bandcamp store!


Hellbender - Occult 45 7"

Former members of Fissure and City of Traitors return with a punishingly heavy debut. Swampy riffery, stoney sludgery, and spacey vocals make this release a must have for stoner rock and metal fans alike. Hand screen printed jackets and beautiful marbled vinyl only 300 and going quick, grab one of these jammys while we still have them!

stream entire record and buy 7" from the meltface bandcamp site






<a href="http://meltfacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hellbender-occult-45">down the mountains by meltface records</a>



noir test - 21st Century: Themes, Variations, and Two Songs for My Father

the third installment of dillon smith's hush hush soloish noirtest project. best known as the violinist of the ascent of everest, bassist of happy birthday amy, and guitar slinger of the protomen, smith lets his 21st century avant-garde freak flag fly in this sometimes tense, often surprising, and truly gorgeous offering. sure to bring a smile to the faces of those devoted to creating the music of the future.

stream entire record and buy from the meltface bandcamp site



<a href="http://meltfacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/noirtest-21st-century-themes-variations-and-two-songs-for-my-father">Spectacular Introduction by meltface records</a>


Relevant Productions Show 2

The meltface clan raider repped it hard last night with another quality show at the Vine in Murfreesboro. You Just Don't led off the night with a stand out performance featuring great use of loops and pedal steel for a super full sound with only three performers. Siddhartha was like guns blazing with 50 cal bullets into a basket of kittens... in a good way. Heartbeater debuted their new line-up featuring Jeff Ellinger from Evil Bebos on drums and they absolutely slayed, all the heavyness of sludgy punk rock with a classic indie and almost desert\surf rock song writing sensibility... did i mention they slay? Pots and Chains capped off the jam playing all my favorites from the record that i recorded right here at meltface studios... they're giving it away right here, so get you some. i think the whole thing prooves once again that we've got the goods on what murfreesboroians should be doing with their evening. For those of you that missed out or want to live in that moment forever i'll be posting some videos soon at vimeo lets me post more videos....


Announcing AOE US\CAN Tour with Crippled Black Phoenix

We've kept it under wraps for a mite bit now but now it's news! This April The Ascent of Everest will be hitting the road with Crippled Black Phoenix from the UK. If you haven't yet heard of CBP they're a super sweet band featuring members of Iron Monkey, Gonga, and Mogwai. check them out!

2 Apr 2009 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL
3 Apr 2009 Magic Stick Detroit MI
4 Apr 2009 Ravari Room Columbus OH
5 Apr 2009 Thirty First Street Pub Pittsburgh PA
6 Apr 2009 TBC
7 Apr 2009 Great Scott Boston MA
8 Apr 2009 Soundlab Buffalo NY
9 Apr 2009 Sneaky Dee’s Toronto ON
10 Apr 2009 Zaphods Ottawa ON
11 Apr 2009 Katacombes Montreal QC
12 Apr 2009 Mercury Lounge New York
13 Apr 2009 TBC
14 Apr 2009 Kung Foo Corner Philadelphia PA
15 Apr 2009 Talking Head Baltimore MD
16 Apr 2009 Soapbox Laundro-Lounge Wilmington NC
17 Apr 2009 Music Farm Charleston SC
18 Apr 2009 TBC

thats the dates as of now with a few more to be confirmed here in the coming weeks. so get your tickets and for the love of god tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!


people are talking about meltface

some nice words and heated commenting about evil bebos in sludge swamp, check it and rep our side.

there was a blurb about meltface records in we own this town which as far as i know is nashvilles coolest indie blog. check that out and give them some love ---> here.

also according to steve from nashville cream said baby teeth thieves has the coolest album artwork and name of 2009. shame i'm not really responsible for either of those things but none the less check that out here. some day the nashville scene will be more music centric and focus less on what things and fans at shows look like but until that day we'll take what we can get.

also some nice reviews about the baby teeth thieves record at snobs music from toronto, the chicago independant music review, and avant-chicago.