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meltface new years wrapup

well 2010 is now behind us as well as some radtad festivities, hope yours was super sweet allround.

couple nods to meltface bands in a number of year end best of (and thankfully no worst of lists).

heartbeater was the #4 best record of 2010 on the nashville scene top records of 2010 (way to go yalls). in addition HB was on the top jams of nashville CD from we own this town.

ascent of everest was in a couple tops lists as well: #69 rock sound magazine top 100 albums, #26 silent ballet top 100, #4 on nick from hulls top 10 as found on metal sucks and brooklyn vegan, #1 non-heavy record of 2010 on heavy blog is heavy, and #1 on SSG top 10.

thanks to all your writers for writing and all you listeners for listening. all your support and goodness made this a great year for the meltface music collective action.

in 2011 you can expect loads of sweet new releases, big events, and shows all over (maybe even your town\country) stay tuned!


people are talking about meltface

some nice words and heated commenting about evil bebos in sludge swamp, check it and rep our side.

there was a blurb about meltface records in we own this town which as far as i know is nashvilles coolest indie blog. check that out and give them some love ---> here.

also according to steve from nashville cream said baby teeth thieves has the coolest album artwork and name of 2009. shame i'm not really responsible for either of those things but none the less check that out here. some day the nashville scene will be more music centric and focus less on what things and fans at shows look like but until that day we'll take what we can get.

also some nice reviews about the baby teeth thieves record at snobs music from toronto, the chicago independant music review, and avant-chicago.