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Relevant Productions Show 2

The meltface clan raider repped it hard last night with another quality show at the Vine in Murfreesboro. You Just Don't led off the night with a stand out performance featuring great use of loops and pedal steel for a super full sound with only three performers. Siddhartha was like guns blazing with 50 cal bullets into a basket of kittens... in a good way. Heartbeater debuted their new line-up featuring Jeff Ellinger from Evil Bebos on drums and they absolutely slayed, all the heavyness of sludgy punk rock with a classic indie and almost desert\surf rock song writing sensibility... did i mention they slay? Pots and Chains capped off the jam playing all my favorites from the record that i recorded right here at meltface studios... they're giving it away right here, so get you some. i think the whole thing prooves once again that we've got the goods on what murfreesboroians should be doing with their evening. For those of you that missed out or want to live in that moment forever i'll be posting some videos soon at vimeo lets me post more videos....