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Greywoods Debut Single is the Perfect Song to Ruin your Valentine's Day.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Greywoods will be releasing the first single from their forth-coming debut LP. “Never Again” is a blistering, angry song filled with relentless aggression and some serious spite as it explores the messy ends to relationships and all of the feelings that can accompany them. The band’s first official release is a nearly seven minute long track that covers a multitude of musical feelings. From blackened grind sections to soaring spacey leads, the song culminates with a three minute relentless doom drone  augmented by a growling, screeching chorus of vocal hatred from vocalists Corey Taylor and Chris Click. You can catch them in action February 28th at Exit/In opening for Look What I Did's LP release party w/ Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter, and the Dead Deads.

Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014,  Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower). Greywoods Debut LP, recorded and mastered by Mikey Allred in late winter 2014, will be released through Meltface Music Faction in the Spring of 2015. They have also recently recorded a split 7” w/ Sheep Shifter, to be released in Summer 2015.


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Feb 28th

Exit/In: W/ Look What I Did, Laser Flames, Sheep Shifter and the Dead Deads.

Saturday, April 4th

Springwater: W/ Black Tar Prophet, Act of Impalement and Young Wolves

photo credit: diana zadlo


The Ascent of Everest OST for the Film: Devil's Damned to Try

The original soundtrack for the film "Devil's Damned to Try" is now availible on the meltface bandcamp site!

The album features original songs inspired by the film and the score composed by the Ascent of Everest. 



Also this coming Thurday Sept 19th @ The Belcourt Theater, Nashville TN is the official world premiere of Devil's Damned To Try, a short film by Marshall Burnette.

here's your official facebook invitation to the premiere!

'Devil’s Damned To Try' tells the story of an Appalachian man’s struggle to live a lie after making a brutal mistake. The film is told in two intertwining timelines revealing vital pieces of the puzzle until the final revelation. In one story, we follow our unnamed hero (or antihero) through his life as a saw mill worker in a small Tennessee town. His days are consumed with stalking a mother and her young son, and his nights with alcohol and regret. The man is haunted by something, something we have yet to witness. In the second story, we follow our hero through the thick winter forest as he searches for wild deer on a solo hunting trip. Burdened and disassembled by a dramatic situation at home, he begins to reveal his true being. The peaceful silence of the wilderness will become the man’s eternal torment.

Featuring: Riley Anglen, Laura Amond, Jake Arthur, Daniel De Armas, Angela Kerecz, and James DeForest Parker

Produced by - Henry Reed
Written & Directed by - Marshall Burnette
Cinematography by - Dustin Lane
Edited by - Michael Carter
Production Design by - Jarrett Staaf & Chris Zidek
Original Score by - The Ascent of Everest
Camera First Assistant - Hayden Mason
Key Grip - Scott Frost
Swing Grip - Preston Nair
Practical Effects - Jonathan Simms
Hair & Make Up - Addie Crum
Assistant Set Decorators - Monica Penn & Carter Bradford
Production Assistants - Houston Mathews & Matt Paterson
Production & Post Audio - Jeremiah Nave
Color Timer - Jimmy Cadenas 

visit www.devilsdamned.com






We're very excited to announce that the ascent of everest will be opening for two amazing bands both with new albums out this month on one of our favorite record labels thrill jockey records. Come out and check it out and help us keep bringing quality bands to nashville!



Full Route of Fall 2011 European Tour

Here is the route we took on the tour that included nearly 8,000 km!  Notice the bit of zig-zag-ing we did.  Obviously some of the drives were BRUTALZZZ, however, we got to see plenty of beautiful country-side, big cities, small cities, Fargo-esque villages, stray dogs, and of course the sexy Alps! (*See previous posts for mountain n00ds!1!!11)  Shows were played, fun was had, acquaintances were established, and The Ascent of Everest successfully toured "the shit out of" Europe! Congrats team.


Alon, BE - The Old Courthouse\Disney Castle

the only time the catfish is excited to go to the courthouseswagswagswagswagswag!let's go backstage! don't forget your wristbands and laminatsmost of the belgians were shocked to see us drinking this beer and anxious to make sure we drink good belgian beer but i have to say it kicks the dale out of PBRbefore the show a fine meal and a toast with some fine french wine to the spectacular hospitality of our belgian hostsmix master jean G at the knobs of steelshowshowshowflashwirrboomblidow. insert clever caption here. the lights and sound system were intense this is the finest room we've played up to this point and it was great to have some space on stage to thrash and stomp about without fear of taking casey out with the headstock of my guitarcaption contest #2


Zwölf Zehn in Stuttgart, Germany

They make Porshes here and yeah thats about what we know about stuttgart. Nice club though, swell people too. I went to bed early but i think jeff can fill you in on the local night life i think it involves shots of vodka that come with a hard boiled egg...



what were we doing again?

rolling hills and quaint little towns germany is beautiful and surreal. even the evil looking factories in the industrial areas look picturesque and fantastic.




First day of tour and there are so many things to do! Early in the morning while Drew, Jean, and Shoe head to pick up the van from gent Casey and I head on a pilgrimage to purchase some cables and power adaptors that we left in new york.

functional french lesson for today for use in the tram around brussels: "PAR - DON, SEE VU PLAY" translated literally "excuse me, if you please" actually kind of comes off like "i'm pushing you out of my way (string of expletives) don't be angry about it". Upon mastering this expression i am no longer a "in the way foreigner" i am a "about town world traveler".

We have back line and the most beautiful bus ever, feeling very excited about spending the next couple weeks in it!

the video cassetes for which the cafe video was named

view from the hotel. apparently every town in belgium has at least two churches like this.

i really can't say enough great things about the show in gent, it was so good to see all our friends we made at dunk festival and hang out with them after the show. warm and fuzzy feelings all round



It's a celebration, we have a couple days off in belgium to sort out our gear, prep stuff, and get rid of ourselves of jetlag here in the beautiful city of brussels

We're commending ourselves on the decision to arrive in brussels a few days early to shake the jet lag. When in New York I kept telling everyone to focus on the logistics of escaping from the city and we could sort the finer details of the european leg of our journey when we get there. I must say it there were allot more of those details then we anticipated with a few unforeseen complications thrown into the mix.

swagswagswag... swag for days. all sorted and ready for slingingjeff hanging in dada studios

Due to my recent denial from entering Canada i wasn't allowed to take my connecting flight to Brussels so i had to fly back to NYC from montreal. I have to say the immigration officers were very kind and really did everything that they could to let me walk that short distance to the terminal but alas they "couldn't take that risk", that is the risk of the belgians not wanting me and sending me back to Canada where i am decidedly unwelcome (at least for the time being).


sad and blue in new york. dejected and unwanted by canada devin resorts to myspace like photoshoot

i really can't tell you how happy i was to see corey holding this sign once i got thru belgian customs. even happier to have a friend to carry the 50 lb bag i had filled with all the personal clothes of everyone in the band but myself





Meanwhile the rest of the AOE crew is staying with Jean in Brussels. Jean will be accompanying us for the tour doing sound as well as helping with the intense urban driving and intense french speaking. Jean's friend Jules an in house engineer at one of the finest studio's in Brussels and allowed us to stay in the band apartment of the studio which was a nice change of pace from crashing on floors and couches.

case looking at scarves at the marketeveryone's favorite belgian past time (chowing on frittes)The next day i rejoin the crew very pleased to find that most all of our affairs are in order, the CD's came in from the UK and our backline and gear are ready to pick up. I try to soldier out the day but totally pass out on the couch before dinner.

catfish vs. jameson

Jules was nice enough to share some of the most formidable bottle of whiskey i've ever seen with the crew (as whiskey is not so much his thing and being from TN it is naturally ours). Photo session ensues unbeknownst to me.

guess who of these three is actually asleep

out at the bar with pierrethe belgian line up




Ascent of Everest will be opening for Envy on the Esmerine tour on October 19 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.(excitement)

Here's the offical dates:

12 Belgium, Ghent @ Café Video
13 Germany, Stuttgart @ Zwölfzehn
14 Belgium, Arlon @ The Old Courthouse
15 Germany @ Wiesbaden @ Kulturpalast with Kokomo (GER)
16 Germany, Dresden @ Scheune Club
17 Germany, Oberhausen @ Druckluft
19 St. Gallen, Switzerland with ENVY (JAP)
20 Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Channel Zero
21 Austria, Innsbruck - Sunday Smile Festival @ PMK with Codes in the Clouds (UK), Rival Consoles (UK) and Audiocaeneat (GER)
22 Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Days of No Light Festival II with Blueneck, Rosa Park, Downfall of Gaia
23 Romania, Bucharest @ Control Club
24 Serbia, Belgrade @ KC Grad
25 Austria, Linz @ Kapu
26 Germany, Offenbach am Main @ Hafen 2