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Solace for Travelers 

so we crossed thru the gigantic mountainous game reserve that is northern Pennsylvania in an epic 11 hour long haul from detroit and i'm happy to say the silver fox is holding up like a champ. Honestly some of my best tour memories are here in the allentown\easton\bethlehem area and hanging with aaron, sarah, and company feels like coming home after a long while and being shock at all the time that has passed since then. totally TCBin it up with drew and the coffee shop today and planning our final moves before we get out of the country. We're with all you at the occupy wallstreet protests but if you could do us a favor and not  shut down the airport because we really really have to make our flight to belgium. thanks!

our last (fun) night in detroit: kenny and jeff cast an evil spell on corey in some bizarre dark ritual... and the result:

transformation into super willie nelson with kitten spawning powers!



SEPT 29 - Show in Louisville TONIGHT!

So we are gearing up for a sweet show with heavy hitters Parlour in their hometown, @Zanzabar. We already helped ourselves to some great grub and are hearing Parlour soundcheck. Show starts at 930 and we play at 10:15. Parlour at 11:30. Come get down.




Tour is on! We are getting the van fixed ASAP and its looking good. In better news, we are almost done with merchandise. Our own Drew Binkley, of Monkey Inc Design, has been cranking it out the past 3 days straight and it's looking great. Here's a tease of the some of the sweet jams we will have for everyone on tour.

ALSO we just got word from our labels *shellsmusic & futurerecordings that the how lonley sits the city reprint and the from this vantage vinyl are OFFICIALLY OUT OF PRINT and that our band is in possession of the last available copies ever (unless there's a copy at your local record store).

As of right now we don't have any plans to do another re-print of HLSTC and Future Records isn't going to reprint FTV in interest of a newer (hush hush) limited release we'll be announcing soon. So if you want to get a copy for yourself before we sell out of them on the road go ahead and order it directly from us via: theascentofeverest(at)gmail.com and we'll be sure to send you a copy and a postcard from the long winding road ahead.

-corey & devin




Wow, the AOE set tonight was literally smoking! I mean we tore that transmission up and spewed smoking hot jams all over the highway. I'm officailly deferring my birthday celebration to some other point on tour TBA.

We did have a sweet pizza party though.

Word from the show in Chatty was the Bronzed Chorus, Elk Milk and Hearts in Light were fantastic and we're totally bummed we couldn't be there. Hope to make it down to Chatty again ASAP to play soon, and on to Greensboro to see Bronzed Chorus...

Thanks to Glossary and especially Bingum for bailing us out and getting us and our trailer off the side of the road. We now owe you a million billion favors.

signing off for now, we'll get it all sorted tmrw hopefully.




Announcing Ascent of Everest Fall Tour!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the dates for the Ascent of Everest’s 2011 Fall Tour. The group will be traveling as a 7 piece outfit and be performing selections from all three of their records as well as new songs that will be available only on the road as a limited edition tour EP (you can check out 2 new singles later this week). In addition, AOE will be performing live original video compositions projected on stage in tandem with the show. for more information got to http://www.itsokbooking.com/


with links to facebook events, if there's an event that's not linked send it our way!

Sept 25 Nashville @ The 5 Spot with Parlour, AOE, NOI, Queen Hen

Sept 27th Chattanooga @ Sluggos with Bronzed Chorus, Hearts in Light
Sept 29 Thurs - Louisville @ ZANZABAR with Parlour
Sept 30 Friday Cincinnatti @ TBA with Chiaroscuro
Oct 1 SAT - Columbus @ Cafe Bourbon Street with The End of The Ocean and Harboring Ghosts

2 SUN - Detroit - @ The Lager House with Sunlight Ascending
8 SAT New York City, Williamsburg @ Cameo Gallery - w Ghastly City Sleep, and Industries of The Blind

12 Belgium, Ghent @ Café Video
13 Germany, Stuttgart @ Zwölfzehn
14 Belgium, Arlon @ The Old Courthouse
15 Germany @ Wiesbaden @ Kulturpalast with Kokomo (GER)
16 Germany, Dresden @ Scheune Club
17 Germany, Oberhausen @ Druckluft
18 TBA
19 Austria, Dornbirn @ Schlachthaus
20 Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Channel Zero
21 Austria, Innsbruck - Sunday Smile Festival @ PMK with Codes in the Clouds (UK), Rival Consoles (UK) and Audiocaeneat (GER)
22 Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Days of No Light Festival II with Blueneck, Rosa Park, Downfall of Gaia
23 Romania, Bucharest @ Control Club
24 Serbia, Belgrade @ KC Grad
25 Austria, Linz @ Kapu
26 Germany, Offenbach am Main @ Hafen 2
28 FRI Washington DC @ Club IOTA with TONE + THE ORCHID
29 SAT Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile with OCOAI + TONE + Kid’s Garden

30 SUN Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD by checking out the facebook tour announcement here. invite your friends by following the next couple steps:

1. respond to this event as "i'm attending"
2. click "select guests to invite"
3. then paste the code you find below into your address bar (where you normally type in a website URL)

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i

4. press enter and repeat until all your friends are selected

you may have to wait a couple minutes if you have loads of friends but you can still use facebook in another tab, and it will totally be worth it having earned our undying gratitude, a unlimited supply of hi-fives, and drew buying you drinks.


VIDEO: Ascent of Everest @ Dunk Fest

Our trip to europe is now on the books as a total success, the shows were amazing, we met some really fantastic people and played with some spectacular bands. I wish each and everyone of you could have been at this amazing show but you'll have to settle for this little video i uploaded. also of note is the couple making out near the camera for like half of the song, nice to see our music brings that out in people.



meltface new years wrapup

well 2010 is now behind us as well as some radtad festivities, hope yours was super sweet allround.

couple nods to meltface bands in a number of year end best of (and thankfully no worst of lists).

heartbeater was the #4 best record of 2010 on the nashville scene top records of 2010 (way to go yalls). in addition HB was on the top jams of nashville CD from we own this town.

ascent of everest was in a couple tops lists as well: #69 rock sound magazine top 100 albums, #26 silent ballet top 100, #4 on nick from hulls top 10 as found on metal sucks and brooklyn vegan, #1 non-heavy record of 2010 on heavy blog is heavy, and #1 on SSG top 10.

thanks to all your writers for writing and all you listeners for listening. all your support and goodness made this a great year for the meltface music collective action.

in 2011 you can expect loads of sweet new releases, big events, and shows all over (maybe even your town\country) stay tuned!



*NEW* The Ascent of Everest - Ship Collision - Blue Bottle Tee 2 Color Print

printed on Playback Blue Bottle Tees

Made from 100% recycled materials pre-consumer cotton and polyester spun from recycled drinking bottles! Good for the environment plus will be the most confortable shirt you own, thats right T-Shirt snobs it's more comfortable then your American Apparel 50\50 T or the Alternative Apparel classic T (my previous favs). I wear mine all the time, they're totally sweet, plus they have the nifty rainbow braids right under our side printed design.

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Well it finally happened, the record is out and we've got a living room full of LPs and CDs to send off to each and every one of you.

I just want to say thanks so much to Adam from Futurerecordings and Medi from Shelsmusic for making this possible and everyone who helped out with this project and I hope everyone enjoys this record as much as i enjoy being finished working on it... just kidding.

I haven't seen it yet but there is a review of the new rock sound magazine that involves: 8/10 "TAOE possess a classicism that genuinely sets them apart from so many of their supposed peers"

In addition these people had the following nice things to say about the record:

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Rated 4\5 by Dan Jones

It's fair to say you don't hear many albums with as epic a scope as From This Vantage every day. While we're faced with an ever expanding sea of nondescript post-rock bands clambering for our attention in 2010, The Ascent of Everest have always stood out from the crowd, and the Tennessee outfit's second full-length From This Vantage serves to elevate them further ahead of the chasing pack.

Opening track 'Trapped Behind Silence' slowly builds to lay the foundation for 'Return To Us' to come along and showcase why this eight, yes eight-piece are quite so special, with its grandiose, multi-layered orchestral soundscapes and brilliant ethereal vocals. When lesser post-rock acts incorporate instruments such as violas, violins and cellos, into their music is can often sound shoehorned in just for the sake of it avoiding traditional rock instruments, but with The Ascent of Everest they're beautifully intertwined and essential to the overall pieces, such as on the string soaked 'Safely Caged In Bone' which is nothing less than stunning.

Although their 2008 debut How Lonely Sits The City made many sit up and take notice of The Ascent of Everest talents, you can't help but feel From This Vantage is going to do so much more than that, as you'd have to possess a heart of stone not to be moved by its unforgettable craft and beauty.

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Scott Reid USER (19 Reviews)

2010-06-04 | 8 comments | 160 views
Summary: Breaking the post-rock mould

Well – nobody expected this. If their split LP was anything to go by, we were given every reason to think that the new ‘Everest album would simply be another addition to their catalogue of quintessentially titanic post-rock crescendo-fests. Even the band name sounds like a mission statement, a commitment to scale the most mountainous of musical parabolas. Clearly, their forte was taking this classic template and re-invigorating it; anything other than this they simply did not indulge in. Surely, this was a post-rock band very much content to stay a post-rock band, thank you very much. Or so we thought. ‘From This Vantage’ is a decided departure from this style, although a lot of the time, it doesn’t exactly feel like it; unexpected and substantial as the change is, it’s still very much an ‘Everest album. When the word ‘progression’ in post-rock isn’t referring to a crescendo, then we have something to get excited about.

A lot of this continuity has to do with the albums core sound, which is very recognisable as being of the band. Gratuitous, varied and highly inventive use of strings? Check. Immaculate pacing and attention to detail within the assorted song construction? Check. Angelic, wispy, half-heard shoegaze-esque vocals? One big, seriously impressed check please. If you’ve listened to their debut, it’s very familiar scenery – but what they’ve done with the landscape is strikingly different. While there is something of a development in the tracks themselves, it can’t exactly be called post-rock. There are parabolas, but they do not tower as they once did. These song structures mean that this is an album where their influences are taken less from the genre where they have already proven themselves, but more from a fusion of ambience and of more conventional indie.

The formula works. This album pulls off something fairly unique, a hybrid of several influences that retains the energy, focus and pizzazz of their post-rock tendencies, whilst borrowing heavily from the many variations, intricacies and general musical come-and-go within the song (tracks being typically around half the length of their previous work) are influences felt perhaps from their futurerecording label mates, such as the band they shared a split LP with, we all inherit the moon; an ambience outfit. The elements of post-rock, of shoegaze and of more conventional indie have been brought together by a band with talent that evidently extends far beyond the realm of the crescendo. Neither typical nor expected, it is much to their credit that they have brought about change and innovation to create an album with unique (!) style, with resounding success. It’s one of those albums that goes about creating its own atmosphere whilst sucking you into its own ethereal world; a wholly absorbing and captivating experience, with several truly standout moments. The just-above-whisper, “You cannot dream your way out of here”, in ‘Dark, Dark my Light’; the breathtaking transition from the slowly merging ambience of the opener into the brilliantly asserted aerobatics of ‘Return to Us’; and the completely awe-inspiring fashion in which the album ends, taking leave of the listener by rushing and swirling its way out through the eardrums and heavenward. The mould has been broken; the result works magnificently.
Today I woke up early; I caught the sun in mid-rise. It was to ‘From this Vantage’ that I was compelled to listen. This album… it’s a bit special.

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The Ascent of Everest - From This Vantage
Reviewed by: Matthew Tsai (05/28/10)
The Ascent of Everest - From This Vantage
Record Label: Future Recordings
Release Date: June 1, 2010

The Ascent of Everest is one of the rare bands capable of evoking an authentic cinematic soundscape in their music. Many are quick to lump token acts like Yndi Halda or the notorious Explosions In the Sky into the same category of “epic,” but those bands make music that’s more in line with the common song, rather than an orchestral work. They’re big on structure, and cling to traditional rock instruments. With The Ascent of Everest, you get a sound that’s more timeless – it’s got less of a distinguishable formula, and is much more Howard Shore-y in quality.

On From This Vantage, the Nashville, Tennessee group continues the mission they began on the split with We All Inherit the Moon last year: to sever ties with post-rock. Though they’re probably most well known within the post-rock scene, this 8-track full length sees the distance between the band and the genre elongate, but with terrible beauty. “Return to Us” is the first sign of this, laying wailing, undecipherable vocals down on a lush bed of strings, fluttering guitars, and harmonic melody. It swoops around gracefully for a few minutes, and then accelerates through shrieking noise into a soft resolve.

“Safely Caged in Bone” takes cues from classical music when it layers saccharine violin notes over pulsing cellos. Later, choir vocals direct the song flow, notching another contrast with textbook post-rock. The same goes for “Sword and Shield,” which romps through two different motifs before finishing with a powerful angelic chorus. That’s one lesson from post-rock they didn’t completely ditch: climaxes are still super sweet. The vibraphone appearance on it is a spooky, delightful treat, too. But while “Every Fear” and “In and Through” combine seamlessly to make one massive, climax-ridden, cello extravaganza, the most mesmerizing track is probably still the five minute closer “From this Vantage.” Its arching strings and icy, teasing female staccatos practically make it fit to be the soundtrack to the birth of Christ.

Without patronizing post-rock, it’s hard not to agree with The Ascent of Everest’s direction. Instrumental music can be a breathtaking experience all by itself, but the human voice adds an extra dimension; it adds the element of humanity in all its flaws and imperfections, whether in sorrow, angst, or in this case, violent beauty. By choosing this route, The Ascent of Everest has produced something enduring, with a captivating quality rivaled by few. If From This Vantage isn’t music from eternity, it sure comes pretty close.

Recommended If You Like
We All Inherit the Moon, Beware of Safety, A Silver Mt. Zion


worst AOE review ever?

so those of you that might say we only post good reviews of our bands feel free to stand corrected as you check out this particularly scathing review of the new ascent of everest LP. if you disagree maybe you should write Mr Sam Lee a comment on his review to the tune of "i think you have the musical pallet of high-schooler" or "maybe you should listen to the record all the way thru if you're going to write a review" or maybe even "if the arcade fire is the only band you can think to compare AOE to then you are clearly out of your element"

good old fashioned you're an asshole never hurt either, go nuts!

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The Ascent of Everest - From This Vantage (Shelsmusic)

by Sam Lee

I couldn't wait to listen to this album. The press release that came with claims that "As earthquakes and tsunamis crash and pound to reshape the landscape, so too will 'From This Vantage', as it sends you on an unforgettable journey and leaves you mesmerised." Now that sounded pretty impressive, I thought. So I eagerly rushed to put the sophomore album from Tennessee-based orchestral-rockers The Ascent Of Everest into my CD player. I pressed play and sat back down, trembling slightly, nervously awaiting the earth moving experience that was surely about to ensue. 

As the intro to the opening track 'Trapped Behind Silence'slowly faded in, I held my breath, just waiting for the song to kick into life. But after nearly three minutes of not much happening apart from my face gradually turning an unhealthy shade of blue, it faded back out again. Strange, I thought. But then 'Return To Us' crashed in with it's epicArcade Fire-esque strings and pounding beat. "Here we go!" I said to myself. But after showing a minute or so of promise, the song died back down again, and became just as dull as the previous track. And that's when it began to dawn on me; maybe the press release had been telling porkies. Maybe the whole landscape-reshaping, natural-disaster thing had been a bit of an exaggeration. 

My suspicions were confirmed by the third track 'Dark, Dark My Light' , as, although there's a hint of something that could perhaps be a good song underneath all of its slightly pretentious pizzicato strings and harpsichord, it doesn't really go anywhere. The next track is the soothing and more light-hearted 'Safely Caged In Bone', which is the highlight of the album, mainly because it's the only song that even comes close to making me feel any sort of real emotion. But then 'Sword and Shield', 'Every Fear' and 'In And Through' all merge together into a sort of drawn-out grey mush, and the eighth and final track 'From This Vantage' just drones by in a forgettable, uninteresting kind of way. 

Here's a bit of friendly advice to bands who use vocals sparsely in their songs (listen up, The Ascent Of Everest). If you're going to leave the vocals out, something else has to provide the melody and the hooks. You can't just ignore them altogether. Unfortunately, The Ascent Of Everest do exactly that for the majority of 'From This Vantage', meaning it becomes mere background music. I don't even mean like the good, ambient sort of background music; this is more like a peripheral annoyance, like the ticking of a clock, or the gentle rattle of a broken fridge. There are no real dynamics and very little movement throughout the entire thing, and as it's almost forty-five minutes long (despite only having eight tracks), this results in one very boring record. Whatever the press release says, this album won't be reshaping anything, and it won't leave you mesmerised - just a little put out that you've wasted three quarters of an hour listening to it, when you could have been fixing that pesky fridge.