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ascent of everest\we all inherit the moon split LP out now!

This has been a long time coming and we are ecstatic to finally announce that the split we did with We All Inherit The Moon has been pressed to vinyl! Very limited pressing of only 100 on 140 gram vinyl with hand crafted packaging printed by Adam of Future Recordings. The Artwork and Layout was done by Adam of Future Recordings and Drew of Monkey Ink Design. This albums clocks in at 40 minutes and features 2 songs from us (AoE) and 5 from We All Inherit the Moon.

Track listing:
1. The Sea Rose Up - The Ascent of Everest
2. The Journey Forever Long - The Ascent of Everest
3. Our Hearts Forever Like The Sun. Part I- We All Inherit The Moon

4. Our Hearts Forever Like The Sun. Part II- We All Inherit The Moon

5. . . . .and ever. Part I - We All Inherit The Moon
6. . . .and ever. Part II - We All Inherit The Moon
7. . . . .and ever. Part III - We All Inherit The Moon


We will have a very limited amount of copies with us at Forecastle Festival (July 9th) and permitted that we do not sell out of them, we will have them at our show in Nashville August 6th at The End.

If you can not attend these 2 shows, You can grab one at the Future Recordings shop:

and download the entire album at the Future Recordings Bandcamp:

Thanks to all those who support us. It is because of you that we can carry on.
Best wishes,

there are only 75 availible for sale online so go get yours before they're all snatched up!



AOE\WAITM Split Reviewed in Absolute Punk

We All Inherit the Moon/Ascent of Everest, The - Split... Album Cover Author's Rating
Vocals 9
Musicianship 9.5
Lyrics N/A
Production 7
Creativity 6.5
Lasting Value 9
Reviewer Tilt 9.25
Final Verdict: 84%
Member Ratings
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We All Inherit the Moon/Ascent of Everest, The - Split...

Reviewed by: drunkwithcoffee (04/14/09)
We All Inherit the Moon/The Ascent of Everest - We All Inherit the Moon/The Ascent of Everest Split LP
Record Label: Future Recordings
Release Date: April 13, 2009

The latest Future Recordings project is one that redefines the theme of its discography. This time, the "post-drone" label has brought ambient masterminds We All Inherit the Moon and post-rock wizards The Ascent of Everest together in a seven track split that may very well set the standard for modern day music from the respective genres. The aptitudes of both acts join here to craft an album full of adrenaline rushes and unforgettable meditations.

The first eighteen minutes or so of the album is inhabited by The Ascent of Everest's Godspeed You! Black Emperor-taught progressive indie/post-rock epics, complete with vocals, juggernaut crescendos and captivating gypsy-like string arrangements. The two tracks penetrate ample grandiose territories, at times quiet and beautiful and at times, soaring and completely worthy of a spot on a Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Each note flows flawlessly into the next and every instrument plays in a precise, yet emotional manner, creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere that can be quite crippling if unexpected.

The incorporation of The Ascent of Everest into the split is really what stretches the label's discography; their music alone carries the monumental character necessary to accomplish such a task. Yet one must be meticulous in not forgetting to move on past the opening tracks' enchantment, as there is more to appreciate. Indeed, We All Inherit the Moon juggle the second half with equal dexterity and musical knowledge, evolving their strictly ambient-drone sound on their full-length 5 Song LP to include majestic cellos (as heard in “…and ever. Part III”) and other twinkling novelties, all the while retaining the concise attention span-keeping song structures the band excels in writing.

The second half is really as ambitious as the first, though in a different way – the split allows listeners to track We All Inherit the Moon’s progression, which is noticeable as they refine their sonic character into more mature melody patterns and appropriately placed drones and buzzes. However, both halves boast intriguing first-rate definitions of the word epic, and with seven tracks of “all killer, no filler,” it cannot be emphasized enough how excitingly powerful this split is. I’ll leave it at “absolutely essential soft music record this year” and let the music do the rest.

Recommended If You LikeGodspeed You! Black Emperor, Yndi Halda, Hammock, Mutyumu

Hear the album at: futurerecordings.bandcamp.com


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AOE Split Reviewed in The Silent Ballet

pretty decent review of the new AOE release in the silent ballet. a little rocky at the beginning but hold out till the end he has some nice things to say. i think we won him over and hopefully a few other folk too.


We All Inherit the Moon
The Ascent of Everest
Future Recordings

Score: 7.5/10

The Ascent of Everest never got my attention, as if they were riding in post rock's trunk along with the dog and some stuff we still haven't moved into the house. To me, they were too much like A Silver Mount Zion, a band I can't stand. I guess I'm one of those stubborn people who would prefer to have Godspeed back and won't accept the torch being passed. The Ascent of Everest have now released a split LP with ambient/experimental band We All Inherit the Moon, and I mustered up enough energy to put it on, and give it a chance.

The first track by The Ascent of Everest (TAoE) made me seasick with its drunk minor key string arrangements and crooner vocals, and all I could think was "Here we go again." The apathy! The wincing! At its core, the music of TAoE is intimate, honest, concerned about humankind and the way civilization does things - things I care about - but I couldn't get past this first song. I folded my arms, furrowed my brow and wished I was doing something else.

The split album is often a great way for two bands to acquire new fans by coupling together for a release. In this case it was nice to to flip the LP over and have We All Inherit the Moon play their dense and dreamy songs. It was a relief, and a completely different feeling from side Everest. We All Inherit the Moon (WAItM) range from fuzzy, blissed-out drones to twinkly, star-flecked drumscapes to chamber music led by violin and cello. Beginning with the gentle skitter of drums, warm tones and sunrise-accompanying guitar melodies on "Our Hearts Forever Like the Sun. Part I", the horizon melts, the landscape in the distance transforms into something familiar, like a story I've known from long ago. On "...and ever. Part II" wet, low-end guitars ebbing like tides and a gentle piano meet up with a soaring sea bird in the form of an e-bowed guitar. This pretty exchange gives way to more guitar play, frenetic and squiggly, distorted and tortured, like a cuttlefish encased in formaldehyde, reanimated. All of a sudden this album was coming alive. This is ambience with conviction! We All Inherit the Moon's half of the split abounds with sumptuous narrative as they showcase a wide range of musical styles.

I went back to The Ascent of Everest's half of things with a new perspective and listened to the second track, "The Journey Forever Long", and wow, my brain woke up. What a doozy of a song! It is mixed very differently from the other track, solidly blending everything together into a much less bombastic attempt at telling an epic tale. Eleven minutes in length, the song has so many pleasing movements it plays out like a short film soaked in reverb. The climax is a wondrous thing to behold - it really is a CLIMAX. With vocals like a confident breeze through a willow tree, guitars that light the sky and a drummer who suddenly explodes with inspired fills and downbeats to boot, the end truly feels complete, cathartic. You can download this album for free, and for this song, I highly recommend it. This song is better than most "big" songs I've heard any band play. That first track now deserves another open-hearted look. Hey, you know what? The split album converted one more jaded mind!

Despite the presumed disparity, there are common threads between the two bands. The chamber music of WAItM's closing piece "...and ever. Part III" mirrors the two string players in The Ascent of Everest. The latter band uses ambient bits to create atmosphere in select moments, while the other employs them as a general rule. Where one band remains consistent, the other dabbles, and it unifies the album in a way I didn't see coming. Featuring two different bands with kindred spirits, this release exemplifies the beauty of the two-sided LP. They are like night and light, but combined they create the cycle of an entire day on earth. If these two acts went out on tour together, listener satisfaction would be at a premium.

-Nayt Keane

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AOE\WAITM Split CD Availible Now from Meltstore!

and you could get one from AOE at the show sunday (hint hint). check these jams out they're gorgeous.



The Ascent of Everest's Lucky Streak Continues!

Due to a gross mistake made by Crippled Black Phoenix's booking agency The Ascent of Everest has been dropped from all the remaining shows on the CBP\AOE tour. I will stress we are still playing the April 19th Nashville show, yet crippled black phoenix will not. To all of you that were making plans to travel and come see us let me just say i'm deeply sorry and as soon as I have an explaination I will pass it along. Right now our whole camp is feeling baffled and hurt but the whole experience.


All the more reason to come to the show at the End this Sunday the 19th and party it up. You survived the twisters, now lets get twisted!



The Ascent of Everest Declared The Unluckiest Band on Earth!

R.I.P. Vando Calrissian. Due to his untimely death in Deleware, Ohio AOE was forced to cancel a good chunk of our US\CAN tour but we sent CBP along with our trailer and gear and will rejoin them for the NC, SC, GA, and Nashville shows. If you planned on coming to those shows you totally should go check out the CBP as they're all the way from the UK and this is thier first US tour. Just be aware we won't be there :( yeah we're bumbed too, we've seen roadblocks before but we're going to keep on keeping on. Our hearts go out to you Vando... you gave us some great times and good tours. But your rod throwing new engine needing ways have got the best of you and theres just nothing we can do to help you.

Thanks so much to Bob from Brainbow and his lovely fiancé Faith for putting us up while we figured out how the hell to get home. Check them out they rullllle.....

So come and check out those shows, buy you a sweet tour poster and if you feel compelled to donate to the new van fund by all means do so... right here... don't think just donate your boat ----->


not just a great photo shoot opp but we really broke down hereone last dance with vando!











and on a lighter note for those of you upset as we were...


Nice Review of AOE @ Next Big Nashville


Ascent of Everest

This is one of those shows that I was looking forward to from the beginning of seeing the lineup of NBN. However, it was slightly disappointing when the band before them took up half of their time slot, and they didn't go on until 11:30 instead of 11. By the time they went on, few people were left in the audience to experience this incredible band. I was only able to see a few songs because I wanted to make it to the next show in time, but the few songs they did were breathtaking. The band consists of two guitar players, a cello player, a violin player, keyboard, and drums. They have a screen behind them that displays different images while they play, and the music itself is reminiscent of Mogwai and God Speed. These guys know what they are doing and the music can send you into a trance. I would like to see them play sometime when they are given a solid time slot of their own and a more intimate venue. This is another one of those bands that I think is a must see in Nashville.

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Crippled Black Everest Tour!

By *shels

We’re excited to announce that, The Ascent of Everest have been invited to join Crippled Black Phoenix on their forthcoming US tour in April!

Following the success of their UK shows in November with *Shels, orchestral post-rockers The Ascent of Everest (TAOE) will embark on a 15-day North American jaunt with the UK’s Crippled Black Phoenix, who feature members of Mogwai and ex-Electric Wizard/Iron Monkey fame.

Currently working on the follow-up to their epic debut “How Lonely Sits The City and with plans to release their new album later this year, TAOE have unveiled a limited edition tour poster designed and hand-screen-printed by Drew Binkley of the band.

You can pick-up a copy of TAOE’s debut album “How Lonely Sits The City” at Shelsmusic.com.
See you there! :)

April 2 Beat Kitchen, Chicago, Illinois
April 3 Magic Stick, Detroit

April 4 Ravari Room, Columbus

April 5 Thirty First Street Pub, Pittsburgh

April 6 TBC

April 7 Great Scott, Boston

April 8 Soundlab, Buffalo NY

April 9 Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto

April 10 Zaphods, Ottawa ON

April 11 Katacombes, Montreal QC

April 12 Mercury Lounge, New York

April 13 TBA

April 14 Kung Foo Corner, Philadelphia

April 15 Talking Head, Baltimore

April 16 Soapbox Laundro-Lounge, Wilmington NC

April 17 Music Farm, Charleston SC

April 18 TBA

republished from shelsmusic blog: http://shels.wordpress.com/2009/03/10/crippled-black-everest-tour/


Announcing AOE US\CAN Tour with Crippled Black Phoenix

We've kept it under wraps for a mite bit now but now it's news! This April The Ascent of Everest will be hitting the road with Crippled Black Phoenix from the UK. If you haven't yet heard of CBP they're a super sweet band featuring members of Iron Monkey, Gonga, and Mogwai. check them out!

2 Apr 2009 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL
3 Apr 2009 Magic Stick Detroit MI
4 Apr 2009 Ravari Room Columbus OH
5 Apr 2009 Thirty First Street Pub Pittsburgh PA
6 Apr 2009 TBC
7 Apr 2009 Great Scott Boston MA
8 Apr 2009 Soundlab Buffalo NY
9 Apr 2009 Sneaky Dee’s Toronto ON
10 Apr 2009 Zaphods Ottawa ON
11 Apr 2009 Katacombes Montreal QC
12 Apr 2009 Mercury Lounge New York
13 Apr 2009 TBC
14 Apr 2009 Kung Foo Corner Philadelphia PA
15 Apr 2009 Talking Head Baltimore MD
16 Apr 2009 Soapbox Laundro-Lounge Wilmington NC
17 Apr 2009 Music Farm Charleston SC
18 Apr 2009 TBC

thats the dates as of now with a few more to be confirmed here in the coming weeks. so get your tickets and for the love of god tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!

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