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noirtest comely\homely full length out now!


we're happy to announce the release of the new full length solo record of dillon smith. for those of you not familiar dillion's other projects include playing guitar for the protomen and the violin for the ascent of everest. this album also features a remix from the devil's damned to try soundtrack. check it out via bandcamp:





so everyone who didn't get tickets three weeks or so ago before they sold out totally missed out on the epicmost show that i've seen in recent memory. meltface video caused some epileptic seizures up in that bitch with a projector screen for each of the three stages debuting new video material for every song on the new protomen record with scenes from and juxtaposing the story of the new record. the new record has fantastic production and i think someone on afterthepostrock said it best: 1\2 spagetti western 1\2 80's training montage... awesome. Protomen will more then likely be releasing footage of the show for a DVD that will no doubt include the original videos we did so we'll probably only put one up for promotional purposes here in the next week when we get the go ahead from the proto camp.



a fantastic interview "live" from bonnaroo with the protos as well as a new song "Father of Death" from the forthcoming album availible now on 7" from Theory 8 Records.

Protomen\MeltfaceVideoDestruction going to Bonnaroo!

Road to Bonnaroo 8 off 8th Results..........

Protomen by a landslide! Booyah! I'm hoping this means that I'll be there doing live video destruction with them. Excitement. Jeff and I went out to the 8 off 8th and witnessed the Protomen slay it on Monday night. They totally rocked it, one of the most rocking and best sounding shows of theres i've ever seen them put on (and i've seen them allot)


I'd also like to thank them for breaking a shitty ovation guitar onstage so i could get new machine heads for the 12 string i play with baby teeth thieves. Also take note psychotic protofans that i will be selling the headstock and neckboard in the meltstore as soon as i get some pictures.