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fragments of god - new record, single, video, show

fragments of god is an experiment putting a number of local band veterans\record nerds together without pretense of what the outcome will be. if we were the music press we'd probably use such classic nonesensical words as krauty, shoegazy, gothy and trippy... why not take a spin and make your own mind...

the record was recorded with mikey allred at dark art audio where he's recorded records for the likes of interarma, hellbender, across tundras, and yautja just to name a few. produced by devin lamp (ascent of everest, evil bebos) with additional audio sorcery perpetrated at meltface studios the record features: an explosion of animalistic drumming on the part of siri dev (pujol, badcop), gothy driving distorted bass from mikey owen (little viking, badcop), a wash of shimming and screaming guitars from brandon highfill (noi, antarctica), and acid mother temple\spacemen3 inspired synths with surreal spacey vocals from devin lamp.

fragments of god - starcrossed from meltface video on Vimeo.


 also we'll be having a cd release\show\party at the hiwatt this thursday with TTOTALS, dogtooth, and harvest team with trippy video and lights courtesy of digdeeplightshow and meltfacevideodestruction... invite yourself on facebook then come out n get you a CD  and some sweet hangs