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Ascent of Everest, TTOTALS, & Digdeep Lightshow Shows

The Ascent of EverestTtotals, & DigDeep Lightshow are going on a short strange trip to your town. help us spread the word.

sept 3: detroit MI @ @PJ's Lager House
sept 4: chicago IL w Killer Moon @The Owl
sept 5: chicago IL w Killer Moon @Cobra Lounge
sept 6: muncie IN @ @Be Here Now

TTOTALS http://ttotals.bandcamp.com/album/silver-on-black
ASCENT OF EVEREST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqlHYKOZNzs
KILLER MOON http://killermoonmusic.bandcamp.com/


noirtest comely\homely full length out now!


we're happy to announce the release of the new full length solo record of dillon smith. for those of you not familiar dillion's other projects include playing guitar for the protomen and the violin for the ascent of everest. this album also features a remix from the devil's damned to try soundtrack. check it out via bandcamp: