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Heartbeater LP Kickstarter Still Needs Your Help!

For those of you that don't know: heartbeater is recording a record and they need your help to put it out. There's only a little while more to go and every little bit helps... and you get a copy of the record! What more do you want! Stop putting it off and donate now!

(reposted from WOTT: they really said it better then i would)

Heartbeater has made a pretty decent impact in their short time around the Nashville area but are on the cusp of the real deal litmus test; releasing an enjoyable full-length album. The problem is, they need some money in order to make it happen (not an uncommon problem). So, they are turning to you – established fans, potential future fans, amateur philanthropists and just generally good natured folks to help them raise the money to record and release their first full-length record, Slow Waves. Their running the whole effort through a Kickstarter campaign and have even included a little video to introduce you to their cause.

Keep in mind that donating doesn’t just give you some warm feeling about helping out a local band – you’ll also receive a copy of the record along with some other great bonus items depending on the level you contribute. Go read more and think about opening up your wallet for a worthwhile local act.



people are talking about meltface

some nice words and heated commenting about evil bebos in sludge swamp, check it and rep our side.

there was a blurb about meltface records in we own this town which as far as i know is nashvilles coolest indie blog. check that out and give them some love ---> here.

also according to steve from nashville cream said baby teeth thieves has the coolest album artwork and name of 2009. shame i'm not really responsible for either of those things but none the less check that out here. some day the nashville scene will be more music centric and focus less on what things and fans at shows look like but until that day we'll take what we can get.

also some nice reviews about the baby teeth thieves record at snobs music from toronto, the chicago independant music review, and avant-chicago.