meltface studios is dedicated to progressive music\video composition and production as well as expert consultation, installation\maintenance, and education. With an extensive knowledge of music history and styles combined with plenty of experience in the recording both as well as the producers chair we know where you're coming from and will understand help you realize your goals.

In the audio production services section of our site, you will find information related our many creative and technical offerings: Production, Film Scoring\Composition, Sound Design, and Consulting, just to name a few.

In the video destruction section of the site you learn more about meltface visual services such as multi-projection performance, installation, and content development.

If you want to learn how to produce music or perform live on stage electronically (that includes you DJ's and VJ's), then the education section is for you. We do on occasion offer small group workshops, but our primary educational emphasis is private instruction that is customized to meet your exact needs and budget.

meltface studios founder Devin Lamp has been working as a freelance producer and engineer for more then a decade, helping bands, solo artists, and songwriters transform their musical dreams and ambitions into great recordings. A graduate of Middle Tennessee University, Devin's studies in production, music technology and music ranged from the more complex elements of music technology to the finer points of songwriting and composition. As president of meltface records and co-owner of meltface studios in Nashville, Tennessee, he has worked on a range of diverse projects from full-service concert video production to interactive video art installations. He has served as songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist for dozens of bands and ensembles across many genres, from psychedelic folk to electronic-metal to the deeply avant-garde. After multiple tours playing computer-based music with other live performers, Devin has worked as a consultant in the development of live rigs for all kinds of computer performers, including keyboardists, DJs, and more experimental setups. Devin is available for private instruction and consultation as well as group or band instruction at every level of experience on all manner of music technology subjects, including advanced synthesis, studio setup, songwriting workflow, computer performance, and sound design experimentation.


  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro
  • Visualism Software and Hardware - Resolume, Modul8, VDMX
  • Reason
  • Native Instruments
  • Melodyne
  • Synthesis
  • MIDI
  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Electronic Music (all styles from back in the day to right now - Ambient to Hip Hop to Techno to Indie to yes even Dubstep)
  • Digital DJ & Laptop Performance
  • Project Studio Design & Room Acoustics
  • Mac OS X
  • Lots more then it's effective to name...


meltface studios is conveniently located in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN - just a couple miles from music row, vanderbilt, belmont and lipscom universities, and historic downtown.


(615) 904 5411